Pammy De Lux: What's New!

New additions and significant changes to the website with the most recent ones at the top. If you need more, have a problem or a suggestion, you can

  • NEW! 1/3/2019 New look, "Snow Princess", in the gallery.
  • NEW! 9/19/2018 New look, "KK Slutty Diva", in the gallery.
  • NEW: 10/6/2017: New Article in Body Modification Corsets 5: Pain and Suffering, A Progress Report
  • UPDATE: 9/25/2018: Welcome message updated to talk about the changes to the website (both planned and completed). FAQ modified to make it less bitchy, but no new content.
  • NEW! 9/19/2018 New look, "Dollification Continues", in the gallery.
  • UPDATE: 9/17/2018. Salvaging parts from old jewelry to save money in Jewelry Repair.
  • NEW! 9/5/2018 New look, "Dollification 101", in the gallery.
  • NEW: 9/13/2018: Vintage Roller Sets - Basic Patterns
  • NEW: 9/13/2018. New article on Jewelry Repair.
  • UPDATE: 9/13/2018. Some new info about chain extenders in the Jewelry article.
  • NEW! 9/13/2018. Finally completed the last list SheDaddy gave me. As usual, when I finish a list I make it available for your educational and viewing pleasure. You can find it here.
  • UPDATE: 9/12/2018, massive reorganization to make things easier to add and keep track of. No changes in any content.
  • NEW! 9/12/2018 New Look (9/4/2018) in the Gallery. I couldn't think of a good name for this one, sorry :)
  • NEW! 9/5/2018 New look, "White Shirt", in the gallery.
  • NEW! 8/30/2018: Several new looks in the gallery. These all use the RealBreast™ One Piece. The looks are Sin City, Beach Bimbo, Blue Cutout Dress and 2018 Pride. Sorry to be late in putting all these up!
  • NEW! 8/9/2018: RealGurl's RealBreast™ One Piece