Dresstech Tucking Kit REVIEW

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Manufacturer's Suggested Price: $26.95 - $69.95 (depending on tape count)
Manufacturer: DressTech
Purchased from: DressTech Website

DressTech is a company owned and founded by crossdressers. One of the co-founders, Diana, is also an engineer and has designed several of their products. She dresses well and frequently appears in DressTech videos and ads. They've become widely known in the crossdressing/trans community for their videos, products, and good vibes.

They market a kit for tucking (read here if you don't know what tucking is or how to do it). When I first saw it, I thought, "What a great idea!" and ordered a few packages. The packages come with 10,20, or 30 shaped tapes and gauze tubes. pictures of tapes and gauze tubes As you can see, the tapes are roughly triangular, wider at the top than the bottom, designed to cover what's important. The gauze tubes protect your precious member from the adhesive tapes.

Besides convenience, the kit doesn't change the process. You tuck as usual: place the gauze tube around your dick to protect it, then put the broad part of the tape across your groin, an inch or so about your shaft. Tuck your balls into the inguinal canal, and holding that in place with one hand, reach around from behind and pull the tape tight. It is quick and convenient: only one tape to place, and if you do it right, you look great!

What's Good.

The big appeal is the convenience. You get a smooth finish with only one tape and very little fuss. The tapes are also flesh-toned, which would be necessary for an exposed outfit.

What's not good.

The tapes sometimes come off your backside. I do feel the tapes should be a bit longer for safety. While the gauze seemed like a great idea, it is harder to get on than tissue without providing extra protection.

Most clothing covers your tuck adequately, so I'm not sure the tape color is a big selling point. If it's something you need, be aware that they sell only one shade, which is too dark for me, but of course, may work for you.

DIY vs DressTech Cost

The DressTech tapes are more expensive. You can get a 16-foot roll of sports tape in a similar color for about $6. Let's say you use three one-foot lengths per tuck. That's $1.13/tuck. Most people use a tissue to protect their member, whose cost is negligible and works fine. That makes the DressTech kit 2.4 times more expensive than a typical DIY tuck.

If you make a mistake, the DressTech kit gets even more expensive. My most common problem is having the tape twist on itself when I reach behind to pull it through my legs. I've gotten better at it, but it still happens occasionally and just as easily with the DressTech kit. The only solution to a twisted, tangled tape is to trash it. Throwing away a piece of sports tape costs me 0.38 cents. Messing up the DressTech tape costs the same as a full tuck: $2.70. That's painful when each package costs $27.00

If color is important, sports tape is also available in more colors. You can also try "Boob Tape," which is the same as sports tape but may come in more colors. Finally, if you like tube gauze, you can get a huge roll for around $15. It will probably last you six months. All of these options provide more variety at a much lower cost.

The final problem (and for me, it's a killer) is that these tapes are too bulky. When I go out, I carry tape in my purse to redo my tuck if I need to use the bathroom. The DressTech tapes are too big to fit in several of my bags, and when they do fit, they are still more obvious and easily damaged than a roll of tape.

Final Thoughts

If you are new to tucking, it might help you. I would recommend practicing a few times with regular sports tape before you try the DressTech kit, so you get the hang of it. If you're an experienced tucker happy with your results, there's probably little to gain here. They are more convenient in some ways, but if you tuck often, the cost is prohibitive. A month's worth of DressTech tapes will cost you around $70, while the equivalent amount of sports tape will be under $30.

This is an excellent product if you wear very exposed outfits or if convenience is essential. Their only competition is Unclockable, whose product is similar but more expensive. (If you're curious, here's a product comparison by Diana from DressTech.) Otherwise, you are probably better off sticking with the traditional materials.

I hope you found this worthwhile. Have you tried these? What was your experience like? Let me hear about it.