How to Tuck

What is Tucking?

First things first: What is tucking? Tucking is hiding the male equipment nature thoughtlessly provided you with so that you appear more thoroughly feminine.

If you are trans, you already know this is the second most common question CIS people ask you. Here's a typical conversation:

To be fair, I also get lots of tucking questions from trans people, sissies, and others interested in having a more feminine looking crotch but aren't sure how to go about it. Even Doms ask me, on behalf of their subs, how I do it. My dear friend, the fabulous Miss Resha, wants this info for her subs. My fantastic owner and hubby, Dom de Luxury, always supports more femininity among her worshippers and men in general and strongly favors fabulous tucking.

So the time has come to address The Tuck. But before we do that, a word on safety: Thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people do this every day of their lives with no harmful effects. Done in the right way, it's safe. We know it's safe because there is not a run on emergency rooms with tucking related problems. But mucking with the body mother nature gave you does creates a risk. So please do read the part at the end about potential dangers, and please also read the following disclaimer:


I'm sorry I have to do that, but this is the world we live in. Now on to the exciting stuff. We will start with the simplest method and move to the most complicated. If you are new to tucking, I recommend you follow these levels in order.


The easiest (and cheapest) way to tuck is to use some really tight-fitting underwear. Spanx is probably the most famous company for any kind of shapewear, but there are others. If you want to try Spanx, here is a shaping panty. Look at different manufacturers sites and see what what suits you and your anatomy. When you order one, remember that you aren't looking for comfort here! You are looking for compression, so consider purchasing at least one size smaller for your tucking panties than you ordinarily would. These are also called compression panties and control top panties.

Once you have your underwear of choice on hand, put them on and pull them up almost to the top of your thighs, stopping just below your behind. We'll call this "the ready position."

With your panties in the ready position, bend over, reach behind and through your legs, grab your penis, and pull it back between your legs. You want to end up with one testicle on each side of your penis, and the scrotal sac will be held tightly against your body. Pull as tightly as you can without causing yourself pain. If there is any pain, stop immediately, of course!

Now, with your other hand, pull the panties up to secure the new configuration of your anatomy. This will feel strange and perhaps a little uncomfortable, but it should not hurt. After you've done this a few times, it will feel more natural.

If you can't reach your penis from behind, do your best to arrange things from the front. However, the backward pull is by far the most successful approach to a good tuck if you can manage it.

Now take a look at yourself, perhaps getting dressed first, and see how you feel about it. The variation in people's anatomy is enormous, and this may be enough to give you a completely feminine appearance. If so, congratulations: you are one of the lucky ones.


This is a weird word. A gaff is a stick with a hook in it used by fishermen to land enormous fish. I suppose, by analogy, if you have a massive fish in your pants you need to hide, you can 'reel it in' with a gaff. But I'm just guessing at the etymology.

For our uses, gaffs are underwear made to smooth over your male anatomy, just as I described using the compression panties above. In my tucking adventures, I have tried gaffs. Sadly, they did not work for me, but they might for you. The ones I used were made by En Femme (here's a link to their gaff page ). En Femme has different versions, from super compression to comfortable, along with everything in between. An additional problem with these gaffs is that I find them outrageously overpriced. Spanx, which is not an inexpensive company, sells compression panties for around $22, while the En Femme gaffs go for $38. But depending on your anatomy, these may work for you. I will say they are lovely and exceptionally well made. The material is strong, and the stitching is outstanding, so they should last you a good long time.

You can also make your own gaff. You can take a pair of inexpensive tights or anything with a strong elastic. Then cut away the parts you don't need. You can also add material to the crotch to make it stronger.

You will need some kind of panty or gaff for any of the tucks described here. Use what works best for you, whether it's a panty, gaff or someting you DIY up in your sewing room.


Many people, maybe even most people, will not be able to get the smooth appearance they desire from the method described in Tucking Level 1. I certainly do not. If you aren't happy with the results from the Level 1 technique, then give this one a try when you are ready.

You may or may not know that your testicles form in your abdominal cavity and then make a long journey down through what is called the "inguinal canal." "Inguinal" is basically the Latin word for "groin", but doctors use it because it sounds so much more educated.

In LEVEL 2 TUCKING, we send those little guys back where they came from. Well, at least part of the way. The openings of the inguinal canal do not close, at least for most people. That makes it a simple matter to gently push these guys up into your groin. They will be just above the base of your penis and behind the front of your abdomen. A common mistake with beginners is to think the openings are further towards the back than they really are. They are in the front and you can even feel your testicles right behind your skin on the front of your abdomen when you get them there. Here is the LEVEL 2 procedure:

  1. Place the panties into the ready position.
  2. Gently maneuver your testicles into your groin. They should go in easily with absolutely no pain. Do not twist them, just push them gently right up into your groin. They really just float right up. If they don't want to go, see below for possible reasons or solutions.
  3. Holding the testicles inside your groin with one hand, pull the penis back as you did with the LEVEL 1 TUCK. It will hold the sac against your skin, which then keeps the testicles from descending
  4. With your free hand, pull the panties up snugly to hold everything in place.

This should look really, really good. It becomes easier with practice.


Everyone is unsettled by the idea of doing this. In my case, gentle persuasion from my hubby combined with my own growing unhappiness at how I looked with only LEVEL 1 TUCKING forced me, one enchanted evening, to go for it. Once I had done it, I instantly said to myself, "What was I so worried about?" It was as easy as pie and, best of all, even though it wasn't 100% perfect, it looked much better!

Not everyone is so lucky. If there is no pain, but you are having trouble, try the procedure while you are lying down on the floor. This will make it easier to keep the guys up there. It also makes a difference which testicle you push up first. Most people's testes are different sizes, so if you are having trouble starting with one side, try starting with the other side. Cold temperatures make the testicles naturally want to retreat into the abdomen. Consider a cold shower or applying ice to them before your tuck. As I said above: Once you've managed to do it the first time, it becomes a lot easier after that.

However, I want to stress again, even more strongly here, that there should be NO PAIN. If you are experiencing pain, it could be that your testicles are swollen. This can be caused by all kinds of things, but I suggest that a doctor visit is in order. If he asks how you discovered this but you are uncomfortable sharing your personal life, just tell him you were doing your monthly testicle exam. In my experience, doctors have pretty much heard it all, so I doubt you need to worry.

Another possible source of trouble is that, in some people, the openings to the inguinal canal narrow or even close. If this is the case, you are pretty much out of luck for higher-level tucking. This is supposedly quite rare, however.

Whatever you do, if you are having trouble, do not force, mash, push, or, in particular, DO NOT TWIST the testicles. Seriously. Don't twist.


With Level 2 tucking, untucking becomes an interesting question. The answer, 99.9999% of the time, is: just take off your panties. Everything should then return to its accustomed position. In the unusual event that does not happen, trot down to the emergency room and explain your problem. If they ask you how it happened, just roll those pretty eyes and say, "I dunno."


There is yet another level of tucking and, sad to say, I am quite familiar with this, as even Level 2 tucking does not work for me much of the time. Level 3 tucking is Level 2 tucking with structural reinforcement in the form of tape. I recommend athletic tape. This is tailor-made for tucking and is reasonably priced. I've been using the Hampton brand (three rolls of 15 yards each, for $14), but I haven't done a product survey. I'm sure any brand would work well. Hampton's brand is about 1.5 inches in width. If you have a different size of tape on hand, you might have to adjust the instructions below.

The official take on tucking tape is that only medical-grade tape should be used. But I have not had any problems. I avoid duct tape, gaffers tape, packing tape, and other such products, but I also know quite a few people who use them for tucking and have no problems. But it's your body, so make your own decisions.

You will be placing this tape on one of the hairiest portions of the human body. Unless you want to write essays with titles like "New Paths In Pain" you will also remove your body hair before tucking with tape. Getting rid of your body hair is always a good idea, but here it is absolutely essential. I've written a few articles about hair removal:

Really, trust me on this, you don't want to Level 3 tuck with hair down there. Just don't do that.

Now that you are free of all that nasty body hair, cut off 3 strips of tape. No need to use scissors with athletic tape. I use the length of my forearm, from my elbow to my wrist, as a guide. Adjust based on your own experience, but this works for me. It's also a good idea to wipe things down with an astringent, just plain alcohol will do. Having skin which is both clean and dry will help the tape stick better.

I suggest wrapping your penis with some gauze (see below). Not everyone does this and sometimes I don't. But it is highly recommended for first timers! So in addition to the three lengths of tape, you will also need some tissue or gauze and a smaller length of tape to fasten it securely. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Panties in the "Ready" position.
  2. If you are using the gauze, wrap tissue or gauze around your penis to protect it from the tape.
  3. Attach a piece of tape to your body. Start a few inches above the base of your penis and bring it down across the top of the penis, fastening it there.
  4. Take the smaller length of tape and fasten the gauze and long length of tape into one compact package by wrapping it around the tape and gauze, fastening it compactly.
  5. Push your testicles up into the abdomen as described in Level 2 tucking, holding them there with one hand.
  6. Just as we did previously in Level 2: while holding your testicles inside your abdomen with one hand, reach behind yourself and through your legs, but this time grab the tape and pull it back and up. This will draw your penis against the scrotal sac. Use as much tension as you can without hurting yourself and attach the tape to your back. It will be in the "crack" and should fasten high on your back. It should be at least as high as your waist, or higher. If you are wearing something low-cut and would see the tape, you can try wrapping the tape around your waist or hips to hide it.
  7. Secure the setup by placing the other lengths of tape on either side of the first one. If you have an exceptionally thick penis, you might need to add more tape, but I find this works well.
  8. Pull the compression panty up to keep everything in place, and you are done.

Picture of a standing tuckAppropriately done, this is an incredibly secure tuck. The problem with Level 2 tucking is that movement can cause the tuck to "leak" out from the abdomen and panty. With this tuck, you can dance or even go swimming if you have done it well. The photo below was taken wearing leggings from Be A Bimbo and are one of the most revealing things I own. I think the tuck is pretty impressive, if I do say so myself!. Apologies for my messy workroom, but I didn't want even a hint of photoshopped retouching. This photo is completely un-retouched.


There is a variation of this technique where you use one very long length of tape. The advantage of this variation (and it's a big one) is that you can go to the bathroom without undoing your tuck.

To achieve this miracle of tucking, rather than placing the tape on your abdomen and down the penis, you completely wrap the penis in tape, leaving the head of the penis exposed. Then pull it between your legs as usual, and run the tape up and around your hips. Some people recommend going back down through the groin. If you try to do this, experiment to see what works for you. If you do this, it's easier to just unroll the tape as you go. It then becomes possible to pee sitting down.

I am sad to say that as incredibly appealing as this is, I have not been able to get this to work for me. I can pee sitting down with it, but the tuck is just not convincing. But many people I know swear by it.


This is more complicated with tape. Atheltic tape comes off very easily, which is nice if you are on a date and need to go to the bathroom. If you are using duck tape, gaffers tape or something like that, you might need to use an adhesive remover or soak in a bathtab.


If you put your testicles inside your abdomen, they are actually less protected than usual. If someone bumps you there, sits on your lap, or you lean over something that puts pressure there, it is going to feel like someone just kicked you in the nuts.

If you get aroused while tucked, that is going to hurt.

If you have to go to the bathroom, the only solution is to undo the tuck and redo it with new tape. Reusing the same tape is just not going to cut it. If you reuse the tape, you will lose your tuck. This is a pain, but keep a roll of tape and a small bottle of alcohol in your purse for those occasions. And guys, if your date takes a long time in the bathroom, be understanding.


As I said before, I believe tucking is safe if you are careful about it. But it is not without its dangers. Here are some things to worry about:

The main message here is simple: Tucking seems safe enough if you do it reasonably. If there is any pain while you are doing it, stop. If there is pain while you are in a tuck, untuck. If you have pain post-tuck, go to a doctor.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this has been helpful. I'm always happy to get good suggestions and nice comments. If you have some, feel free to get in touch!