Dom de Luxury: Training List #8
"Being Brainless is So Good!"

Good Luck Pammy!
You can do it!
Dom de Luxury

  • 1. Create a lip video that includes 3D, contour, volume, 2-3 colors. It doesn't have to be very long but it has to capture a few techniques you worked with in the last year. You may choose any shape you desire or try to present two.

    Multiple lip looks.
  • 2. Dress for your body shape! Your goal is to highlight your curves - not to hide them - by emphasizing your waist.

    1. Belted Jumper Belted jumper
    2. Get brave: try a crop top. Crop top.
    3. Pencil skirts. Pencil Skirt
    4. Ruffle top. This will also make your hands look thinner as the volume will be on the ruffle. Ruffle top
    5. Side-cutout dress will help create a smaller waist.

      Side-cutout dress
    6. The proportions of a boxy top with loose sleeves will help to create the appearance of thinner arms by comparison. Boxy top with loose sleaves.
  • 3. I want a photo of Pammy on a central wall in each of your apartments, nicely framed. I want you to see yourself daily on the wall. It could be in the main room or even the bathroom. It is not important as long as you see it every day.
  • 4. Timeless Fashion Trends that every woman needs to have, and so does Pammy, obviously.
    1. Animal print (this could be anything from shoes to glvoe to belts, etc.) animal print
    2. Floral Clothing Floral clothing.
    3. The White Shirt The White Shirt
  • 4. A New Year a new MANTRA. Listen to this audio file of my voice with headphones EVERY NIGHT.
  • 5. New Looks Of course! You know how excited I was for new looks that I had in mind, so here we go!
    1. WONDER WOMAN!!! Wonder Woman
    2. ANGELINA JOLIE Angelina Jolie
    3. DAENERYS TARGARYEN Daenerys Targaryen
    4. GWEN STEFANI Gwen Stefani

    Of course not the clothes. I want the makeup when I say looks!

  • 6. Time for a Bimbo Toy! It can be a classic Barbie or simply a Teddy bear - it has to look dumb...and well, BIMBO!

    Pink Teddy Bear Classic Barbie