First Sardax Portrait!

SARDAX Watercolor of SheDaddy and Pammy

I got the idea to commission a painting from Sardax to celebrate SheDaddy and our relationship two years ago. We are huge fans of Sardax's work and appreciate his understanding and insight into the world of kink and fetish. With my usual flawless timing, I asked him to do a portrait of us in December 2019, just as he decided to take a sabbatical!

But it turned out to be for the best. After waiting patiently, Sardax surprised us with an email in May saying he found the time to do a portrait of us. The best news ever! And so opportune since 2021 is our 10th anniversary year. It turned out beautifully, as you can see above!

Since you might be curious about the commission process, I'm happy to share. SheDaddy and I talked it over, and it was her idea to do a threesome. She loves the magic and mysticism of her country's history, so I suggested the religious/mystical/worshipful theme. She originally envisioned the third party as male, but Sardax preferred a female submissive. SheDaddy was fine with that, as long as the submissive could be made sufficiently slutty.

We love Sardax's imagination, so we left the details to him. He added the throne, incense, maid's outfit for me (I love it), and the rope bondage for the SheDaddy's gift.

We finalized the details on May 27th, and Sardax had a sketch for us on June 1st! Amazingly quickly! We loved the sketch, and he finished the watercolor in a few weeks, mailing it to Romania on June 29th.

The Romainian post took quite a while to deliver the painting to its new home. It was agony waiting to receive it! But it now sits happily in Romania and is very much beloved by SheDaddy! You can see the public unveiling in the video.

It was an honor and a thrill to have a commission executed by an artist of Sardax's talent, whose work we love so much! He is a fabulous gentleman and a real professional! The whole experience was wonderful from beginning to end.