My Owner & SheDaddy!

Picture of My Beautiful Owner

This is my owner and SheDaddy: a woman of rare beauty, intelligence, and passion. We met in January 2011, and it was chemistry at first sight, soon turning to love and adoration. It started with a mutual love of domination and submission, then turned into a journey of self-discovery for both of us. She helped me discover I am transgender, and I think I was able to help her fully accept her Dom self. I became her wife in 2019.

Over the years, I have met many of her current and former slaves, all of whom found the experience of being with her not only sexually thrilling but ultimately life-changing. If you are tired of cookie-cutter Doms who don't love what they do and do not care about the people they are with, try to get a session with her. She will blow your mind.

If you are lucky and she is interested in you, that first session will lead to many more. You will find yourself aroused, satisfied, and ultimately transformed into your true self. Very few get to experience it, and there is nothing better. And there is no one better than her.