Great Style: The Dress

I love dresses. They are the most perfect garment ever created. You can wear one to a casual event, a hot date, or a formal ball. Different dress styles have different fit problems, regardless of your body type. If a certain type of dress never worked for you, it's probably because that style has limitations that keep it from fitting you. And as you should know if you've been following this series: It doesn't matter what style the dress is: If it doesn't fit correctly, it won't look good.

Popular Dress Types

A word on dress taxonomy: there is incredible variety in dresses, and designers are always ringing the changes on traditional types. That's all good. For example, empire dresses are traditionally long and flowing. But they can be strapless, form-fitting like a sheath, or have different necklines. A sheath dress with an empire seam could be called either a sheath or an empire dress. If the dress you are interested in fits in more than one category, use the criteria for both of them as appropriate.