The Waterfall Braid

This highly prized braid is considered very difficult. This braid separates the true bimbos from the smart-girls pretending to be bimbos. If you are not a bimbo, you will have a lot of trouble with this braid because the more you think, the harder it will be for you to do it. If you are a true bimbo, it will be the easiest thing in the world.

Basic Method

Take a vertical section from the front of your head and divide it into three strands. You'll have a top one, a middle one, and a bottom one. Here you go:

  1. Take the top strand and cross it over the middle strand. Let it hang straight down to create the "waterfall."
  2. Now take the bottom strand and cross it over that vertical, hanging strand you just created.
  3. Now for the bimbo step: Completely forget that you had three strands. Look at your hands, and you should only see two strands there. Reach behind that pretty waterfall and grab a strand of hair. Now you have three strands again. Start over from step 1.

As you do this braid, the "waterfalls" tend to get a bit loose, so occasionally reach over and pull them down so they look nice. Here's a video:

A typical (and gorgeous) hair design with this kind of braid is to do a waterfall braid on the left and right sides of your head, then finish with a nice braid in the back, like a fishtail braid. Give it a try!

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