Braidipedia 3: The Dutch Braid

The Simple Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is a gorgeous variation of the French braid you learned about in the last section. The only difference between the French braid and the Dutch Braid is that instead of crossing over the center strand with the outer strands, you go underneath it. That should be enough to get you big-picture folks working your braids. You'll probably notice that the Simple Dutch Braid doesn't look that different from the Lace Braid. You won't see the difference until you "French it" by adding more hair.

Detailed "Finger" Description

As before, take a horizontal section and divide it into three strands. Then

  1. Hold the right strand in your right hand with the thumb and first finger. The first finger will naturally be underneath the strand. Let your middle finger go underneath the first finger, which will also place it beneath the center strand.
  2. With your left hand, bring the left strand beneath the center strand and grab it between your first and middle fingers.
  3. With your left thumb and first finger, grab the new left and center strands. Let your left middle finger go beneath the first finger. With your right hand, take the right strand and cross it underneath the center strand, pinching it between your left hand's first and middle fingers.
  4. Repeat these motions until the braid is as long as you want, then fasten it with an elastic.

Here's a video:

"Frenching" the Dutch Braid

Since the simple Dutch braid doesn't look that different from the Lace Braid, most people don't bother with it, except as a step in learning how to do a full Dutch Braid, which you'll learn now.

As with the French Braid, you do a couple of turns with the Simple Dutch Braid, and then you start adding hair to the outer strands as you cross them under the center strand. As you can see, the simple change of going under instead of over makes a huge difference in the final result. Here's a video:

Remember to keep your knuckles against the head as you add the hair to the braid!

Thanks for reading, and if you have something nice to say or a good idea or suggestion, feel free to write. I always love to hear from you!