Pammy De Lux:
In Search of Feminization


If you are new here, I'm Pammy, and I invite you to join me as I search for the best ways to feminize myself. Proudly owned by the great Dom de Luxury (AKA SheDaddy), I was born a gender-fluid male. SheDaddy has been my creator, guide, and mentor in this amazing journey.

It's a gender-specific world. Those of us who move between genders or who wish to change their biological gender forever face many problems. If you need help with the emotional, psychological or social issues that you might be having, I'm not the person to help you. But if you want to find a dress that will fit you, do better makeup, find great breast forms or any other practical problems, the chances are good that I've tried to answer your question here. Based on the mail I've received since I started this website, many hundreds of people have found their answers here, and I hope you do too. If you don't have gender issues but are simply a tourist or the curious, I would like to extend you a warm welcome as well.

If you're a frequent visitor, please check the "What's New" link in the menu bar above to see if there are any new articles or updates to older stuff. If you're new and just curious about me, here's a FAQ. The Become a Better Sissy section has articles about the practical aspects of being a girl. Makeup, breast forms, nails, finding the right kind of clothes that fit, where to buy jewelry. I hope you find something there to help you. These solutions work for me, and I hope they will work for you. If not, maybe they will help you find something that will work. And if you have a different method of doing things, that's great. Please consider sharing it with me? If I like it better, I will include it and (if you wish) give you all the credit. I'm especially interested to hear from people outside the U.S., so I can provide information to help people like us all around the world.

The Training and Tips deals with the larger picture of training and behavior. I try to avoid the psychological/philosophical issues as unbecoming to a bimbo, but you might find some speculation here. If you're curious about my owner's methods, you can find lists of orders which I have completed there, along with my own thoughts about my experiences. I also talk about things like the plastic surgeries I have had or want to have, my efforts to feminize my voice, how to DIY useful devices and lots of other stuff.

While most of the topics are available to anyone, there are a few which are available only to those who serve SheDaddy and only she can give you the passwords to allow access to those sections.

I welcome information and comments.If you wish to contact me,