Pammy De Lux:
In Search of Feminization

Pammy Transgender Bimbo Doll


Hi, I'm Pammy! However you view yourself or feel about yourself, you are welcome here, whether transgender, crossdresser, sissy, transfan, just curious, or something else. I invite you to join me (and join in) as I search for the best ways to feminize myself. I have been through many stages in my own journey and now view myself as transgender. You can read about my journey here.

I'm so proud and happy to be the wife of Dom de Luxury (AKA SheDaddy). She is my mentor, guide, creator and the love of my life.

SARDAX Painted Us!

The big news of 2021 for us is that the great erotic and femdom artist SARDAX accepted a commission from me! He created the most amazing fantasy portrait of Dom de Luxury. This celebrates our 10th year anniversary and we both love it so much! You can see a scan of the watercolor and read a bit more about it here.

How the Site is Organized

Updates and new articles can be found by checking the What's New.

The Gallery has photographs of my looks, with the most recent on top. I'm really flattered that this is the most visited section on the website. Thank you! Most photographs were taken by SheHubby, but a few are taken by my dear friend Resha.

The Be Better menu has links to makeup, body modification, jewelry, shopping, all the practical and (I think) mostly fun things about being a woman.

The Training page has some more personal links about things I've done with SheHubby. There are also a few autobiographical and philsophical links there.

If you enjoy this website and get something out of it, please feel free to thank me by using my Amazon Wish List.

I welcome information and comments. If you wish to contact me,