In Search of Feminization

Pammy Transgender Bimbo Doll


Hi, I'm Pammy!

This is a website for anyone who wants to look like a woman. That's a lot of different kinds of people, but I hope whoever you are, you will find something here to help you.

I'm transgender, but I didn't know that when I started this website. It's been a journey (you can read about it here). All I knew back then was that I was miserable and thought that looking like a girl would make me feel better. It did, but only after I learned how to do it. At first, I just felt like a clown. It wasn't easy learning how to do it, and reliable information was hard to find.

So that's why I started this website. I share all the stuff that's helped me, and I hope some of it will help you. There's no advertising here, but if you get something out of this, feel free to thank me with a gift from my wishlist!

All the information about transforming is in the Be Better section. It covers everything from makeup and hair to body prosthetics and clothing. The Gallery contains all my looks, good and bad.

The essential person in my journey is the famous dominatrix, Dom de Luxury. It would not have happened without her. She has been my mentor, guide, and partner for over ten years. I'm proud to be her wife. You can read more about her in the My Owner section. I call her SheDaddy. SheDaddy has a bimbofication and dollification fetish, and we've spent many happy days exploring that together. Of course, this isn't for everyone, but there are a few things about this in the Training section.

If you want to see if I've added anything since your last visit, please see the What's New section.


March, 2023
I am moving to 24x7 status. You can read about my decision and the surgeries I plan to start.
January, 2023
Happy New Year everyone! I'm finally working on a series about How to dress!
September, 2022
The website has been completely redesigned. Thanks to everyone who wrote to me with suggestions and requests. I hope it is easier to use and easier to read. I'm sorry it took me so long to get around to it.
July, 2022
SARDAX, the famed femdom and erotica artist, has done another portrait of us, and it's fantastic! You can see and read about it here. The first one is here.