How to Get Ready for SheDaddy

This is one of the top questions I get from you guys. How do you get ready for a session? How much time do you spend? I could say "a lot" (true), but that wouldn't be constructive. So here are some ideas.

First Timer

If you've never had a session with Dom de Luxury (AKA SheDaddy), you are probably nervous. That's natural. Most people don't get to meet anyone even close to that kind of crazy amazing. She's beautiful, brilliant, and sexually powerful. It's perfectly natural to be nervous. But she is also a warm-hearted and caring Dom. Don't deny yourself this opportunity. Even if you sit and talk for the first meeting, you will have an amazing time! And if the chemistry is good between you, then you have a great and exciting future!

As far as preparation goes, make yourself look nice. Comb your hair, put on a nice shirt (or if you are already feminized, do good makeup and wear a cute dress). Be nervous, sure, but be excited for what will probably be a mind-blowing experience! Just be open-minded and be yourself. It will be fine.

Non-Gender Fluid Visitors

Dom de Luxury has all interests, so if you aren't genderfluid, don't worry about it. Just treat her and the session with respect. Put on nice clothes, and take a shower. Make an effort to make a good impression on her, and you will get more out of it.

Gender Fluid Visitors

Most of the people who ask this question are genderfluid. It makes sense; it takes us more time to get ready. My very best advice is to do as much as possible before the day of the session. Start by deciding how you want to look. SheDaddy might have given you a look she wants you to try. If not, give some thought to it, don't just try to 'wing it' on the day of the session. And if the look you decide on is complicated, have a second, simpler look in mind as a backup. You might not be able to obtain all the stuff you need for your first choice, or there might be other problems.

Days before

Once you've figured out your look, you can start your preparations. You may need to start a week or more before your session. Get all the cosmetics and clothes you need. Don't forget about the important accessories! You may need earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, and scarves. If you already have the clothes you will wear, make sure they look great. You don't want them to have makeup stains or wrinkles. Make sure your heels or boots look beautiful. Take care of your wig. If you will style it, ensure you allow yourself enough time to do it well. If all you need to do is untangle and comb it out, do that well in advance. You can then leave it on the wig head, where it will wait in readiness for your session. If you didn't clean your makeup brushes and other equipment after your last session, ensure you do that well before your next meeting!

If you're new to makeup (or it's a new and potentially complicated look), consider practicing it a few times. You're more likely to do it well on the day of the session if you do! If you are making your false nails, that takes lots of time. Plan accordingly. If it's summer and you are using tanning lotion, you might need several days of application. Start applying it early enough to get the tan you want!

If you have reached the point where SheDaddy requires you to remove your body hair, ensure that you are in good shape in that department. If you are depilating or waxing, do it several days before so you aren't red on the day of your session. If you are shaving, do it the night before or that morning so you are as smooth as possible.

The Day Before

By the day before, most of my preparations are usually done. In the evening, shave your body if you don't wax or depilate. If you paint your nails, that is the best time to do that. It takes a significant amount of time for them to harden, and the evening before is the best time to let that happen. Lay out the clothes, shoes, and other things you intend to wear so they are ready for you to put on. If it's summer, do your last tanning treatment so you look properly golden for SheDaddy. Tanning lotion takes a lot of time, so make sure you start that soon enough. Finish up anything else you can (such as your wig styling), collect any additional elements she might require of you (such as intoxicants, ice, or toys), and then try to get a good night's sleep.

The Day

The day of your session has finally arrived! I always feel it will never come! When it does come, it always seems it came too soon! I need more time to get ready! If you don't have things to do in your vanilla life, you can take care of a few tasks in the morning. I have occasionally finished a complicated wig styling in the morning. I prefer to avoid having to do that, but it happens.

Typically, makeup takes many hours, so allow enough time. You don't want to rush this crucial step. I usually do my eyes, then foundation and powders, which I let bake for 5-10 minutes before finishing up. During that 10 minutes (or a bit more), I will lay out the intoxicants, attach my breast forms, then finish my makeup.

Then put on the undergarments, corset, any padding, then your dress, jewelry (I find it easier to do that before I put on the wig), perfume (yes, I wear perfume, it is so feminine!) shoes and then the wig. If I'm putting on nails (IMPress or my own), I do them last of all because everything else is so much harder with them on your fingers. Then I go and have the time of my life.

It doesn't always go that well.

Of course, it doesn't always go that well. It always takes longer than I think to do my makeup, put on my dress (that zipper that won't zip), or put on some bracelet or necklace (that chain is so hard to fasten!). On rare occasions, once I have my outfit on I decide I hate it. Those are the rough days. Then you need to change it. The important thing to remember is that SheDaddy is a true mentor and wants you to do your best for her. Email her to let her know what is going on, and she will usually be very understanding, especially if you are trying hard to please her.

Think this is too much effort?

Obviously, all of this won't apply to everyone. It depends on where you are in your evolution. But if you are someone who will always think this is too much effort, all I can say is that it's worth it for my sisters and me. You put on makeup and clothes and make yourself as beautiful as possible because you love and respect the person you are with. That is part of having a beautiful life.

It's always great to hear from you. Feel free to drop me a note. Have wonderful sessions!