Fashion Hacks

If you have any fashion hacks, please send them to me!

Hack #1: Zip up a dress all by yourself.

I just got a dress with a zipper in the back and needed to try it on before my session with Dom de Luxury to see if it would fit. But there was no one around to help me zip it up.

The solution is simple. You will need a bobby pin and a long string or ribbon. The ribbon/string should be at least twice as long as the length of the zipper.

Take a look at the zipper. There are two kinds: one type is rectangular and has a hole at the end of the zipper. The other kind is oval; the hole is close to the main part of the zipper.

  1. Put the bobby pin through the hole in the zipper, then fasten it.
  2. Take the ribbon or string, thread it through the bobby pin, pulling it through until both ends are together. You don't need to tie them.
  3. Put on the dress, then reach back with one hand and grab both sides of the ribbon. With your other hand, hold the dress just underneath the zipper so it won't tear or damage it.
  4. Pull up on the ribbon. The zipper will zoom right up, and the dress will close!
  5. Remove the ribbon and the bobby pin, and have a nice time.

Hack #2: Use Clear Nail Polish to Stop Runs.

This hack is from our queen, Dom de Luxury! I always hoped this website would help sissies, and here it is, helping me!

As soon as you notice the damage to the nylon, take some clear nail polish and apply it to each end of the run; this will stop it from growing. Thanks to Dom de Luxury for sharing her wisdom, as always!

Hack #3: Use Nail Polish Remover to Remove Shoe Scuffs.

My beautiful pink Pleaser heels got badly scuffed. Heartbreaking. Easy fix: Non-Acetone nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Wet the ball with nail polish remover, and the scuff comes right off. Make sure you use NON-ACETONE remover; read the label carefully! It's always a good idea to spot-test it first! You can use acetone, but it is even more critical to spot-test!

Hack #4: Put on a Bracelet By Yourself!

This is for a bracelet that uses a chain and a fastener. These are a pain to put on by yourself. But this makes it easier: Take a paper clip and unbend it in the middle (it should still have hooks on both ends). Take one clip hook and put it through one end of the bracelet. Hold the other clip hook in your hand to steady one end of the bracelet on your wrist. Now bring the fastener over and snap it on the chain!

Hack #5: If you have pain when wearing heels

Wrap some tape around your 3rd and 4th toes (counting the big toe as #1). From our beloved Dom de Luxury.

Hack #6: Put Nail Polish in the Refrigerator for 15 Minutes.

Another one from Dom de Luxury. Doing this makes it go on smoother. I have to try this.

Hack #7: Help for Choosing Necklaces.

A lesson from Dom de Luxury: A necklace should fit your dress's neckline. Here is some help:

Dress necklines with appropriate necklaces.

Hack # 8: Use Hair Spray to Prevent Stocking Runs!

Hack #2 tells you how to stop a run from getting worse. This one tells you how to prevent them: Once you put on your stockings, spray them with hair spray. I kid you not; this really does work!