Dom de Luxury: Training List #7

I think this is a
fun list, Pammy!
I hope you will enjoy it
with Me as much as I did
working on it.
Good Luck!
Dom de Luxury

  • My image. My Voice. My Words. Follow My words as you sink for your Mistress every night before bed time.

  • There is no reason for you to keep your hair decent all the time. So I have a challenge for you, Pammy. Nothing will say More "BIMBO" than this! Or more slut...

    Hair in the shape of a cock.
  • To make sure masculinity is cured 100%, the way you sit is just as important as the way you walk. I will introduce you to a few postures. Always push your tits out, and if you switch the legs, do it gentle, elegant, feminine!

    Crossed leg example 1. Crossed leg example 2 Crossed leg example 3
  • Summer shopping, Pammy! This will get you VERY excited because, remember... you are a girl! Nothing will make you feel more feminine than flowers!

  • I made you try new looks and I was quite impressed how well you performed that task. This time I want something special... but easy for you, Pammy. My image. Look at my photos, anywhere you want and choose any look you want to re-create.

    As an example:

    Picture of Dom de Luxury
  • It is time to improve the MCR into Hypno MCR with this litte friend of mine. It is not only for cock and balls, but for nipples as well.

  • Another look. I feel in love with it because it reminds me very much of My Pammy. Do it for Me, beauty. I know it will be even better than the photo! (Of course you don't have to use such earrings. I talk about the makeup.)

    Picture of dramatic makeup.
  • "What I Own as Bimbo Tutorial." A video. It can be created just from photos, with everything that Pammy owns from clothes to shoes to bags to makeup.

    Picture of shoes Picture of assorted makeup.