Dom de Luxury: Training List #6 "Max Bimbo"

Hello Pammy,
Here are your new tasks!
Work hard, girl!
Dom de Luxury

  • Cooking video rule-You can wear whatever you want as long as it's girl clothes.

    Bimbo pastry chef
  • Let's take mind control and pleasure to another level (Yes,I also wish that was pink): Dr Joel Kaplan Vibrating Testicle Stimulator

  • I never seen a Bimbo without her purse... It's time! Kids Pink Faux Leather Handbag

  • Bending over training. From now on when you will bend over it will never be from the knees but from the waist. You will practice and practice until you manage to do it. Bimbos show off!

    How to bend from waist with straight legs.
  • The hardest stage is always to become more confident with your new self and leave behind the old self. I understand that and you have made great progress in attitude and for sure you are not a basic Bimbo anymore. Yet to be a MAX BIMBO, brainwash has to be more intense, not only with me but when you are alone as well. So here I have a new mantra for Pammy for the next few months. Performed while you kneel in the mirror, daily for 5-10 mins:

    I must listen and obey.
    I love playing with my tits.
    I don't think. I need my strong Queen to tell me what to do.
    I am too weak to think. I am just a good girl.
    I am hot and ready for action.

  • Understand your role. You exist as bimbo to pleasure Me. Understand that your role is to do nothing more than please Me. You do this by the way you look and way you act. I am what you crave and need. You do anything and everything you can for Me. Your reward is to feel my control and see my beauty.

  • When you are Pammy forget about what is going on in the world. At this point your life should be consumed with how you look, how you look in the mirror, how you look with that outfit, how you would look with a new wig, how this make up would be on you... So always experience more and more! Let's practice some new make up.

    New looks:

    Marilyn Monroe Kim K. Kim K.
  • As a MAX Bimbo we must pay more attention to gum. Yes, gum. Bimbos really chew a lot of gum all the time, pink and very nasty. Yes with me you will train more into that, as long as we both have it pink.

    Gum chewing technique for bimbo.
    Bimbo chewing gum.
  • For Max Bimbo - a little bit of shopping. Yes, My Pammy loves that for fun and improvement. Just some details that will take you for sure to next stage.

    Bimbo necklace on 16" chain. Everybody knows one. Available in brass or silver plated.

    Bimbo Mug
  • Good Luck, love!