Dom de Luxury: Training List #5

Hello Pammy,
Here are your new tasks!
Work hard, girl!
Dom de Luxury

  • When given the chance to live in pink you allow Pammy to show herself. She start to think, speak and be pink. Whatever you were wearing until now at night will be replaced with something pink. Every night! You are what you wear.

    Pink night clothes
    Pink Pajamas
  • The perfect way to start your day. To obtain a sissygasm you rub clit only with a dildo in your mouth and you dont stop until clit is totally wet.

  • Time to replace the ring with something more effective! The Lady Stamina Training Unit (You can buy it anywhere you find a better price, sissy.)

    Lady Stamina Training GIF.
  • New tastes. As Pammy you will taste your own cum as a reminder that you are not a man in that moment. This will be a long intense training!

    Eat Cum Daily
    Eat Cum for Owner
  • Major make up transformations. If you remember, I mentioned to you that makeup, sometimes, will be different, intense and quite a challenge. I will show you some looks I want Pammy to work for:

    They dont have to be exact. They are for inspiration.

  • 6 - 10 things you are thankful for as Pammy, everyday. Could be lipgloss, blonde hair, tight clothes, hot body. Is up to you to decide what you are thankful for as a bimbo. This is a good exercise for the mind. This is a new mind, don't forget! All this is new and needs constant practice!
  • Write these words on a piece of paper and repeat them everyday (the church of DOM):

    I love to be a bimbo
    I want to be a sissy for Dom
    I want Dom to use me
    No matter where I am I love to wear panties
    It is my purpose in life to serve
    Serving Dom sustains me
    Dom is my GOD and my QUEEN.

    Hypno wheel
  • New positions to learn and practice for future photo sessions.

    Six submissive poses.
  • Shave your body like a good girl. A smooth sissy is a sexy sissy. I know we have been into that already but I never really showed you how to do it:

    Leg Shaving technqiue.
  • It is time for something tight tight tight! For which you will be thankful!

    Tight jeans

    Nothing will make that bimbo ass sexier (except high heels maybe).

  • Good luck, BIMBO!