Dom de Luxury: Training List #4

Hello Pammy,
Here are your new tasks!
Work hard, girl!
Dom de Luxury

  • Practice new moves as a bimbo! Without high heels at first and as soon as you master those, you will begin with high heels on!

    Bimbo movment examples.
  • Bimbo hands, eyes, lip moves.

    It is time to use more pink in that beautiful barbie girl! (If you can find cheaper, but the same, you may buy someplace else).

  • Pammy must never wear underwear again, so we will only complete the collection of panties. (Again,if you can find this style of panties for cheaper, buy them there, but in white)

  • Pammy's destiny! You will look like her. You won't have to think, just obey and get pretty. Whored out by ME. You will always ask for more. You will find where you belong and you will be happy.

    Bimbo role model.
  • What kind of bimbo life have you imagined? I can do whatever I want with your body. You are my toy. Stop thinking, you are not made for that. Lets see what this Sissy quiz says about you, Pammy. Report the results back to me!

  • You must watch and listen to this video once a day, everyday:

    Sissy Bimbo Training
  • Ring that fucks Pammy's mind will be used at least once a week in a public place, turned on while Pammy thinks of her Queen!
  • When you wake up, for 10 mins, in front of the mirror, you tuck your boy-clit between your legs and stand there watching yourself and repeating out loud "I belong to Dom de Luxury"

    Hidden boy clit.
  • Pammy needs this with her sunglasses and her tanned body!

  • Pink gum is a must!

    Bimbo with pink toys chewing gum.
  • Begin to masturbate like a girl. Train with intensity! Use palm!

    Sisy masturbation technique.