Dom de Luxury: Training List #3

Hello Pammy,
Here are your new tasks!
Work hard, girl!
Dom de Luxury

  • Every morning when you wake up you take 5-10 minutes thinking of me and using your voice you say beautiful words at my address. Worship words. Love words. While you work you take breaks a few times and do it again. The total during day for worship min-session must be minim 3.

    Worship Goddess
  • At least twice a day you go in front of the mirror and you bend over like a sissy, slowly, until you perfect it.

    Sissy bending
  • As a future bimbo you make sure you work even harder on lips. They become even fuller! Excessive!

    Bimbo lip goals
  • Always wear lipstick when alone in the house.

    Lipstick application.
  • Buy lollipops (pink) and have them in the house. We will practice even more oral skills with them.

    Lollipop licking.
  • Repeat to yourself every day: "I'm a bimbo. I'm a BARBIE"

    Malibu barbie.
  • Buy sunglasses:

  • Time to put you in wet look!