Poppers: Delivery Systems

My early experiences with poppers were incredibly intense. The effect was powerful, lasting for several minutes. While I still enjoy using them, their effect on me is much less now. It requires a higher dose to get the same high, and it doesn't last as long. Taking a break of a few weeks helps, but even after that they are not as potent as they once were.

You rapidly develop tolerance to poppers, and this could be the main reason, although I'm surprised that even after a few weeks break I still seem to experience some tolerance issues. It makes me suspect changes in the formulation of the poppers available to me and, perhaps, blocked nasal passages as well.

A few months ago, during one of our sessions, SheDaddy had me soak a nylon in poppers and hold it to my face. The effect was overwhelming, much as I remembered from my first days of use! There was much more product delivered, and it was also able to go through my mouth as well as my nasal passages. While effective, this delivery system has a few problems: It's a bit dangerous since you have to handle the liquid poppers with your hands, which can burn your skin. And it wastes a lot of poppers, since more evaporate from the stocking than make it into your system.

Delivery Systems

So I have been experimenting, off and on, with different delivery systems:

ZipLock Bag

The first attempt was to use a ziplock bag around an absorbent material, like paper towels or cotton wadding. It worked, but not that well. It's hard to re-fasten the ziplock bag once you are floating on poppers and it's too easy to have the actual liquid contact your skin. The bag doesn't really make a tight connection to your face so this method also wastes some product.

Sippy Cup

Enter the sippy cup. These are plastic cups with built-in straws that can be used to carry liquids in lunch boxes without spilling, so they are air-tight. They are easily available in grocery stores in various shapes and sizes, or you can get one on Amazon.com Take a look at that link if you don't know what they are. I used this in my most recent session with SheDaddy, and it is now my delivery system of choice. A tiny amount of poppers lasts through the session, even past it, it's easy to use, and it packs a powerful punch.

It's easy to do: Open the sippy cup, put something absorbent inside of it, such as paper towels, cotton balls, really anything will work as long as it absorbs the liquid. Wet them with the poppers and close the lid. The poppers will instantly start to convert to vapor and fill the cup, and you can lift the straw, put it in your mouth or nose, and give the bottle a quick squeeze. Of course, this will be more effective if you exhale before inhaling the poppers. Immediately close the straw, which is easy to do, and you will keep them fresh for the next use!

Other Delivery Systems

Cigarette Delivery

In researching this article I found that people are experimenting with some crazy ways to get their highs with poppers! One interesting method uses cigarettes. You dip the tip of a new cigarette into the popper bottle and inhale directly through the cig. This method makes a lot of sense since tobacco is absorbent and the papers are designed to deliver the maximum dose of smoke and so would would just as well for an inhalant. However, Poppers are crazy flammable, so if you try this, please do not light that cigarette! You won't be happy and might be a burn victim!


The next step in delivery system evolution is a more airtight and permanent mask, like the oxygen masks you get in hospitals. You can get cheap ones to use with poppers, I've seen them advertised on Amazon, but, according to their users, these are not well made and either don't work at all or fall apart rapidly.

If I were to do this, I would probably buy a CPAP mask. People with sleep apnea use these. (Sleep apnea is a disorder that prevents you from getting enough oxygen when you are lying down.) The masks are attached to a machine, and the whole deal is fairly pricey, but you can get the masks for about $30-$40 USD. I'd suggest simply attaching the plastic hose from the mask to the straw on the sippy cup, and squeeze away until you pass out if that's your pleasure. If you try it (or have done it), I'm interested to hear how it worked for you.

I don't recommend this. There have been a few deaths from doing this which is not surprising. If you do try it, do it only with supervision. It's not my bag (pun intended). The main reason is that I don't want to put a mask over my makeup or my pretty, Pammy face. While there can be no question that this is a high-risk practice, people are practicing extreme versions of this, and they are still around, as shown in the video below:

The "Ultimate" Delivery System?"

That's it for now. Have fun and be safe! If you have thoughts you wish to share, please feel free to