Becoming a Bimbo V 1.0

If Dom has told you that she wants to turn you into a Bimbo, then this is written for you. And if that is what she wants, that is all that matters. If you do not look forward to this, too bad. Your choice and desires are irrelevant. This is what she wants. And if you are lucky enough to serve her, then you will quickly learn that she always gets what she wants. You will also learn that, in the end, you will be happiest following her orders.

At first she will just feminize you. You can't be a bimbo without being feminine. And your journey as a bimbo will involve you becoming more and more feminine every day. But to get anywhere, the first thing you need to do is cure your masculinity. Here's a chart:

Stages of Curing Masculinity

No matter how far to the left you start out, Dom de Luxury can get you all the way to the right. Masculinity cured!

Now that you're a sissy, what's next? Bimbo's need to be feminine, but that's only the beginning. And the end. Becoming more feminine every day is part your duties as a Bimbo in Training. That will never end. And maybe all Dom de Luxury will do is feminize you. The truth is that she will never push you beyond what you are capable of. It might seem like she is doing that, but you can trust her. You will find that you can please and make her happy by reaching the goals she sets for you. And pleasing her is always your ultimate goal as a Bimbo.

So having completed transformation number one, man to sissy, what is in store for you in transformation number two: Sissy Bimbofication? Have a look at your future:

Five Stages of Bimbofication, from Min to Max Bimbo

This picture starts off where the previous one ended. It can take a long time to even make it to the first level (left) of this picture. I've been working at this for about a year, and I usually move between level two and level three. Recently, just for one session, I think I made it most of the way to level four. But the ultimate bimbofication still is far away in my future, and even to stay on level four is not easy. But I will keep trying to please Dom and I know she will help me get to where she wants me. And that's where I now admit I want and need to be, even if I didn't think so a year ago. That's what being trained by Dom de Luxury is all about. You end up being rewired and reprogrammed. It's all good.

I'm not there yet, but I am learning a lot from Dom. Here is some of what I have learned:

Starting Out

Being a Bimbo is all about attitude. You have to need to be stared at because of your looks. And stared at in a good way. You don't want to be stared at because you look gross! So you practice your makeup and get nice clothes. You need to do this because you want to show off. The more you show off, the happier Dom will be. The better you look, the happier she will be. Eventually, you will need to show off and showing off and making her happy will become one and the same. You want to be the center of attention because you want to show everyone the masterpiece that Dom has created. So this leads to the three rules:

  1. Always show off. You don't ask "is this too sexy, too hot, too revealing," you ask instead: "Is this sexy enough?" You need to practice poses (Dom will give you many) for your photo shoots and sessions with her so you look hot and desirable. Eventually, you will get to the point where she will want to share you with the world and put your photos on her blog. Celebrate this moment, do a happy bimbo dance and smile, because now everyone can see how hot you look.
  2. That means you need something to show off. Work on yourself, lose weight, practice makeup. Study how to look better. Dom will teach you many things! She will teach you how to bend over from the waist, with your legs straight. How to play with your hair just so. And you will learn to do this (and many other things) in short skirts and really high heels. But to be a real Bimbo you need to go for the gold, take chances and hope to surprise and delight Dom. The better you look, the more you will want to show off, and that's rule number one, above!
  3. Do everything for Dom. You know that, or you think you do. But it always cycles back to this. There is no end to the demands Dom will make on you. But there is nothing better than making her happy and pleasing her. Never forget that you are Dom's toy, plaything. Her submissive tool. Become obsessed with pleasing Dom de Luxury. Stop thinking about yourself and think only of her. You will be buying bigger boobs for yourself not because you want to look more feminine, but because you want to give Dom something to be pleased about. Get excited about a new look because it will surprise and delight Dom. No matter how overwhelming the tasks Dom sets you, remember that you are one of the chosen ones. Feel sorry for the miserable life people have who do not know her or have no chance to serve her.


Like the rules, there are three stages of training. Truthfully, I am not at the end of my training so this is a guess. But it seems to me, from listening to Dom, that there are three stages:

Stage 1: Feminization

  1. Work out. Every day. Being a bimbo is about being hot and sexy. If you are too thin, Dom will help you with that, either padding or some other solution. Listen to Dom's advice always!
  2. Eat better. Do not starve yourself, but eat better. Do it for Dom.
  3. Go Shopping. Once again, Dom will help you here. It can be hard to find clothes that fit you but keep at it. Don't be afraid to return things that don't fit. There are places online that cater to Sissies/Bimbos/Trans. Those are good for things like breast forms, but for clothes and shoes, I have had better luck with places like Amazon. This section of the website will have articles about things like this.
  4. Buy good wigs, learn about makeup. Both of these are jobs in themselves. You can get really good wigs for $30-$50. Learn how to take care of them so you aren't a fright. The best wigs are lace front wigs, but there are some good ones that aren't. Once again, look here for for help with things like this.
  5. Practice makeup everyday. Don't be afraid to experiment. Remember that it washes off. There's advice on makeup here.
  6. If it's summer, buy tanning lotion. Bimbos are always tanned in the summer.
  7. Buy heels. A Bimbo can never have enough heels.
  8. PRACTICE WALKING AND DANCING IN THOSE HEELS. Advice on heels, buying, walking and anything else will be here.
  9. Practice feminine mannerisms, gestures, looks. Work on softening your voice so you sound more like a girl. Dom will help you so much with this!

The more you do this and share your progress with Dom, the better you will feel. As Dom helps you with this, you will become more comfortable as a Sissy. And as you do that, you will be taking your first steps towards Bimbofication. I think the truth is that a lot of people won't make it past this stage. There's nothing wrong with that. There's a lot of joy for both you and Dom in curing your masculinity and just looking beautiful. The thing to remember is that if you just obey Dom and follow her guidance, you will start feeling so much better about yourself, no matter how far you go. One amazing thing about this stage is truly how great you start to feel as you look more and more like a woman. It's a truly amazing experience that only Dom de Luxury can give you.

Mastery of this stage takes a lifetime. But you can get good at it sooner. And once you are ready, Dom may move you to stage 2:

Stage 2: Basic Bimbo

Stage 1 was about remolding you physically, teaching you new habits about your looks. Once that is set so firmly that you will never get rid of it, Dom will start reprogramming your brain:

  1. You will get Sissie Bimbo Catechisms from Dom. These are little mantras to recite over and over again for 10 minutes every day to move you along. You do this while looking in the mirror and posing the way she has instructed you. Never miss a day.
  2. You will need to have daily sissygasms. Dom will teach you what these are when you are ready. These are crucial for remolding your attitudes and conditioning. These were hard for me at first, but now I have come to look forward to them and enjoy them. It is important for you to leave every trace of manhood behind you, every bit of male ego, and be proud of who you are becoming now.
  3. Dom will start giving more and more things that remind you of what you are turning into on the inside. For example, you will start wearing woman's panties 24x7. She will give you some physical changes, like growing your hair longer, or getting your ears pierced. You should already be keeping your toes painted. If not, start now. Dom will tell you what she desires, but you can make her even happier if you do some of these on your own, and surprise her with them.
  4. You will start wearing pink when you are home. Especially at night, you will wear pink nightgowns.
  5. Work harder on your mannerisms. Master even more feminine gestures, learn how to chew pink gum like a true Bimbo. Learn to sit properly, learn how to go to the bathroom properly. There are so many things to unlearn and replace with something better.
  6. Learn to stop worrying about anything but how you look and having fun. And having fun is pleasing your Dom. Learn to giggle happily when you have made Dom smile. The biggest worry on your mind should be about your makeup. Stop thinking about unimportant things like nuclear destruction. What is that compared to having your lipstick smear, or your eyeshadow run? What if you get a run in your stockings? There are thousands of important things to worry about now, and even more things to be happy and giggly about. World peace isn't even on the list. There isn't room.
  7. Continue to understand what your role here is. It is to make Dom happy. It is to Please Dom. It is to Obey Dom. Your reward and your happiness is completely tied to her satisfaction and pleasure. If you do this, you will experience joy and gratification that is not possible any other way.

This stage can take a long time. Just keep at it and don't be discouraged. Dom is demanding, but she is fair and always rewards sincere effort.

The Third Stage: Max Bimbo

This the ultimate. This is where you have an obedient and submissive spirit, have become a true airhead, wear slutty makeup, shortest dresses, painted nails, high heels, and only concerned about two things ever: Dom's happiness and your makeup. You love when people stare and admire you. You can't get enough of it. So now that you have arrived at this point, it's time to go the rest of the way:

  1. Forget about everything but being a Sissie Bimbo. Your life is now consumed by how you look, how you look to Dom, how you look to  Dom's girlfriends. Worry if your tits aren't big enough. Nothing else matters but how you look and how pleased Dom is with you.  If she is pleased with you, then you get the reward that will validate you and all your hard work to get here.
  2. Find even sexier clothing. Find even more amazing wigs. Find even more gorgeous makeup. Please Dom.
  3. The ultimate understanding of your role. It is to look good for Dom. It is to do what Dom Wishes. Nothing else. Your opinion doesn't matter. You don't even have opinions. A long time ago you might have looked at a women's red lips and longed to kiss them. Now when you see a woman's lips, all you long for is to find out what that shade of lipstick is and where you can buy it for yourself. Dom de Luxury will be off doing important and interesting things. Your only job is to be looking good and ready to do anything she wants when she wants to relax and have fun. Or when she has some task or job for you to do. This can happen at any moment so you need to always be ready. Focus on that, and you will have made it all the way to stage 3.

Not everyone will make it here. Just the lucky few. But the farther you progress on the Bimbofication path, the better off you will be. You never know where you will end up.