Pammy De Lux:
My Owner & SheHubby!

Picture of My Beautiful Owner

This is my owner and my SheHubby: a woman of rare beauty, intelligence and passion. I have known her for many years, becoming more submissive to her each time we met until she decided to turn me into Pammy in January of 2016. We were married in 2019, the best year of my life.

Knowing her and serving her has been the greatest experience of my life. With her, submission and training, even when she decides they must be demeaning become, in her skilled hands, something which elevates and improves you. She will show you a new way to experience the world. Sensual, sensitive, new sensations, new attitudes, new views.

I adore her, and if you are ever fortunate enough to meet her and have a session with her, I know you will also. And I know that you will find yourself not only happier, but the better for it.