Shopping for Clothes and Shoes

Curing masculinity is expensive. Like any disease, treatments can be costly. Imagine my happy surprise when I discovered that my new wardrobe need not be costly. With a little effort, you can find great looking clothing for a modest expenditure.

You will quickly discover that the biggest problem is sizing. First of all, men's and women's clothing are sized differently. A man's size 8 is way bigger than a woman's size 8. And if you are tall (I am over 180 cm/6 ft), you will discover first hand what tall women always complain about: the availability of clothes in your size is much more limited.

Where Not to Shop

As you probably know, there are lots of online locations that cater to gender fluid people of all persuasions: sissy, transgender, Agender, Neutrois, Intersex, pangender and others that I have never even heard about. These stores fill a need, no doubt about it. For one thing, sizing is much easier: they are really great about helping you pick the right size. They try to carry sizes for bigger people (although even here the selection is limited). Some of the better specialty shops even have their own clothing line. These custom clothes are sized for men and do have some nice features, such as built-in bras to hold your breast forms so you don't need a bra.

Even with all these advantages, I think you can do better elsewhere and I have never bought any clothing from these places. The clothes are not especially beautiful and I find them overpriced. You can find the same styles elsewhere for much less money.

So unless you really fall in love with something at one of these stores, or can't deal with the sizing issues, I recommend you look elsewhere. Both your purse and your Dom will thank you for it.

Where to Shop for Clothes

I have shopped for a few things in local stores. I've been well treated by salespeople, contrary to what you might expect. Like any sensible business, they are happy to make a sale and are always very helpful. It's also true that I live in a very tolerant city. Your experience may differ.

But my happiest purchases have been online, and I tend to shop more and more there. I mostly use Amazon. And Amazon just gets better and better for people like us. It was harder to shop there a year ago than it is today. Amazon has really improved the clothes shopping experience in response to their customer's input. I can tell you that after I bought a few things, they started sending me surveys asking about my experience. I was quite honest about the frustration the sizing situation caused me. I have noticed a definite improvement over the past year. I highly recommend that if you get one of these surveys, please let them know your thoughts, whether good or bad. It will only help improve the situation for all of us.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind.

If you shop online, it is inevitable that you will sometimes get clothes that you don't like. Either they won't fit, or you won't like the cloth, or the style doesn't look like it did in the picture. The most important thing to check before you buy is the return policy. Amazon has a fantastic return policy, but it can vary from storefront to storefront. The return policy can even change for different colors and sizes for the same article from the same seller! So if you have been exploring different style options, make sure you double check the return policy for your article before you hit that one-click order button. You don't want to get stuck with something you don't like. Some things, like lingerie and tights, can't usually be returned if they have been opened.

Once you get your shipment from Amazon, unpack it carefully, and save everything. If you return it, you will usually be able to use the package they shipped it in and they require you to return everything that you got, including any "extras" such as little gifts, labels, or internal packaging. Be careful if you try something on. You don't want to wear 'intimate' items, obviously. Would you like to get something someone else had next to their skin? Me either. So try that dress on over something that protects it until you are sure you want to own it.

Hopefully you will be happy with your purchase, but if not, just go to your orders page, select the reason for the return, repack it in the same bag they sent it to you in, and ship it back.

Figuring out your size.

This gets easier with experience. Do remember that sizes can vary even between brands. To help with this, Amazon has a 'Fit:" button that will let you know what people think about the size (too small, too large, or fits as expected). Definitely look at the sizing chart. Sizing charts try to translate things like "10" or "XL" into the actual measurements of the human body. Amazon provides a generic one which can be helpful. Some of the independent vendors there include their own advice which can be incredibly helpful and you should always pay attention to it. These are sometimes included in the description. If you are tall, then use extra caution buying things made in China, these generally run extremely small. And always read the comments.

Things I Would Buy Again

The rest of this article is a list of things I have purchased over the past year with a few comments. I love all of them and would gladly buy them again. As I buy more, I will add things here. There are two things you should watch out for:

  1. Some of the independent shops will change their fashions while keeping the links the same. This isn't always a bad thing. Some of the new clothes are great. But do check that you are getting something you like, for the price you want.
  2. Some of the shops will change their prices. I have sometimes gone back to reorder things, only to discover that the price has now tripled. That's why I include the price I spent in any link I share with you.

Lingerie, stockings, etc.

  • I am required by Dom de Luxury to wear these at all times. So these are my current underwear. Excellent quality and a size XX-large/9 fits me perfectly. These cost me $9.99

  • Kinky tights. Dom de Luxury loved these. Only $6.99 and the Queen size fit me well. In general, I have had excellent luck with the Leg Avenue Brand.

  • Nice stockings. The plus-size fit me well and at $6.55 the price is reasonable. I buy a few of these at a time because they do run.

  • These are nice and sexy. I own a few pair in both white and black. Love the bow. $6.17 in one-size plus fits perfectly.

  • These are classic pantyhose, always a favorite with Dom de Luxury. Lovely quality for $7.85 in size 5x-6x.


  • Absolutely love this dress! It is sexy and hot and fun to wear. And it was a great buy at $15! Size XL is a nice fit.

    Update 6/11/2017: There's a problem with this dress. If you wash it, even by hand, the black V-neck lining bleeds onto the dress (front AND back) and discolors it! It's cheap, so you can buy another one, but be aware of that. I ordered a new one in black, which might fix the problem.

  • This beautiful dress was found for me by Dom de Luxury. I didn't see the manufacturers sizing chart (in the photos to the left of the models picture), so I had to exchange it. But that was free so no problem. I love it, it is fun to wear, and it's nice with a petticoat underneath to give it some poof. I paid $31 for it and size 3XL fit me great.

  • These petticoats are amazing. While you can wear them under other dresses they are pretty enough to wear as dresses in their own right and that's usually what I do. I have three: pink, white and black in size 1x/2x. I spent $13.30 on the last one I bought.

  • This is a gorgeous dress for a gorgeous price. I spent $16.56 and the size X-Large fits me well.

  • I have bought several things from this link. They keep changing the styles and are some of my favorite things to wear for Dom. The last one I bought was $14.99 in size Large for a really beautiful, tight fitting dress. I will warn you that the colors ran when I washed it, but what do you want for $15 bucks?

  • This was for the "Marilyn" look from the lists. A beautiful dress for $21.76 and a great fit in size X-large. It is very delicate, and can not be washed. But I loved it.

  • This is a beautiful nightgown. $13.95 for one size fits all.


Leggings can be amazingly hot and sexy with the right top.

  • Nice leggings. I got these for $17 in size X-large, which doesn't seem available right now. Decent quality, although the zipper needed replacing pretty quick.

  • Really beautiful, "wet-look" leggings. Great price at $9.99 and size XL fit me perfectly.


Shoes are expensive and great heels can cost well over $100, $200 or more. These are great shoes and a bargain at the price. To get your new female shoe size, start by adding 3 to your previous male shoe size. Use the same width. In many cases, this will just work. If not, return the shoe and order a size up or down until you figure out what size you are.

  • Great shoes. You might think $45.47 for a 14 M US pump is a lot of money, but it's not. Shoes like this typically cost well over $100.

  • Beautiful shoes at a nice price. $52.52 for size 14 M US. The leather split in the top front of the shoe. I had this fixed but it's something to keep in mind. Such repairs can never be perfect.

  • Beautiful pink heels. I wish the heel was higher, but no luck on that. Excellent price of $34.95 for a size 14 M