Plastic Surgery 1: Injections

I haven't been around for a while, I'm so sorry. Sometimes real life interferes with the important stuff. And Dom de Luxury has also been away, as those of you who also serve her know. It's been rough without her, right? You get so dependent on her for inspiration, life instruction, goals, and just to be in her amazing presence. We all become so needy, me more than most maybe. But I know you are all suffering as much as I have been.

I've been keeping my training up as best I can. But the really crazy busy period is ending for a bit and I hope that our Dom will be returning to us soon. When she gets back I hope to make some serious progress. Meanwhile, I have had some this week to explore some new things (like body modification) and I thought I would share them with you.

Beauty Goals

Before we get to the plastic surgery stuff, I want to talk about beauty goals. It's natural at the beginning that these will be vague and you will be just doing what Dom tells you out of necessity because you have no clue of your own. Or so it was for me. But one of Dom's goals with her sissies is to "awaken the inner woman". I know that sounds corny, but I think it's true. Once that side of you is awake and growing, you should listen to it. Obviously, that will be shaped, molded and guided by Dom, but it will also be shaped by who you are. If you can follow this inner voice it will help your training a lot. When I started feeling these urges, things like trying a new makeup look, or a new dress, I was afraid because I worried that Dom would be upset or not like it. None of us want to do that. But the voice was so strong that I was compelled to follow it. The first time I showed up with my own "look", I was so worried that Dom would be angry or upset or not like it. But I have to say Dom loved it. The look wasn't that great because I was so new at it. But she was really nice about it and she loved that I was branching out on my own under her guidance.

This is all part of her concept of "curing masculinity", which is so powerful and so amazing. It has taken me a while to fully understand and appreciate it. I probably still don't completely understand it. It's pretty unique, the concept of a gender as disease. But I accept it. And I believe when something is cured, something new and unique will grow in its place. I believe letting this happen is ultimately the best way to please our Dom.

Plastic Surgery

So my inner woman has been pushing me to get plastic surgery for a while now. I am not so happy with some features of my face, which I want to get fixed. Dom has been very supportive, she loves the "bimbo quality" of this idea. One issue with this is finding the right surgeon, and I still haven't been able to do that. I also want to lose more weight before I do it since that will affect the surgeon's decisions and is recommended.

Old Friends

On a little detour here, I have to say one thing I would encourage you all to do is to stay in touch with the people you met before you became owned by Dom de Luxury. I have been doing that and it's been a really good thing for me. You always worry how they are going to react when you tell them you are owned now, but I have to say most of them have been really great about it.

There are a lot of benefits, the top one being that you are still in touch with some really amazing people. It's also an interesting way to measure how you are progressing with your transformation. I noticed that the better I got at transforming, the more they accepted me as a woman. I could tell because they started treating me like a girlfriend. A new and very cool experience.

The reason I bring this up now is that one of the really great people I have met is Alessa Crowe. She's a real wizard at makeup. Very skilled and amazingly creative. Also a pretty great person. You can check out her many amazing and creative looks and if you are lucky get to talk to her here.

Over the past while, we have been chatting about surgery and such. Alessa is a great fan of injections, both Botox and Juvederm, and she always looks amazing. It is largely because of her influence that I worked up the courage to try them this week.


Injections have their good points and bad points. They don't last forever. Typically 6-months to 9-months or a year (if you are lucky). While usually considered a bad point, this was actually a good thing from my point of view, as someone who was trying them for the first time. I mean, if it really looked bad, it wouldn't last forever, right? They work quick - Juvederm works right away, Botox takes 10-14 days to reach maximum effect. Office visits are quick.


This is actually a toxin, in fact, it's crazy dangerous. Considered by many to be the most lethal toxin known, it takes very little to kill you. It's the stuff that periodically kills people from canned foods.

But it has a lot of medical uses, one of which is cosmetic. The wrinkles on your forehead are caused by muscles which contract over the years. Injecting this toxin directly into the muscles causes them to relax. You won't be able to tighten them again until the toxin 'wears off' in a few months, so people who overdo it can end up with a 'wooden' or 'frozen' look. It is considered safe and is approved for use in most countries.

For a long time, "Botox" was the only game in town, but now another company has come out with a competitor "Dysport". They seem to be about the same, with Dysport often being less expensive.

Which to use: Botox or Dysport?

From the research I did, there seems to be very little difference between the two. I would recommend selecting the least expensive.


Juvaderm is what is known as a 'filler'. It is made from a substance that is already in your body (hyaluronic acid), so it has a very good safety profile. You can use it to make your lips fuller, or to get rid of things like the "smile lines" (nasolabial folds), or add more 'cheek' to your cheekbones.

Juvaderm was the first and is the most famous. Now they also have a competitor "Restylane", which seems very good and is somewhat cheaper.

Which to use: Juvederm or Restylane?

This is not as easy to answer as for the Botox/Dysport case. Partly this is because there are many versions of each, designed for different things. It was interesting to read the comments from people who actually administer the injections. They were often contradictory. I concluded that injectors often preferred the product they knew best. I think there is probably very little difference between the result of an expertly administered Juvederm injection and an expertly administered Restylane injection. So I think the most important thing is to go with the one that the injector understands the best and is most comfortable with. I think this way you are more likely to have a good result.

The Most Important Thing.

Everyone agreed that the single most important thing, more important than which product you use, is the skill of the person doing the injection. With Botox/Dysport, selecting the correct locations is the most important thing. With Juvederm/Restylane, it's important to pick the correct injection site, but there is also some molding that is done with the hands right after the injection. These products "set" at different rates, so that's another reason to go with the product that the injector knows best.

My Injection Experience

Shopping around

While not as expensive as surgery, injections are not cheap. They are typically priced by the syringe. The lowest price I saw for Juvaderm was $430/syringe. On this point, I will say that the people offering the lowest price were also the least impressive.

I live in the most dysfunctional country in the world for medical care (U.S.A.), so maybe things are better where you live. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists all seem to do this procedure, but it's impossible to compare prices because they won't tell you what they charge unless you come in for a consultation! A typical price for a consultation is $200. All of the doctors I spoke with said they would apply the cost of the consultation to the treatment, but if you need to go through a few "consultations" to find the right doctor you can run through your plastic surgery budget pretty quick on just consults! The one (yes only ONE gave me a price on the phone) doctor who gave me a price on the phone was way high, around \$900-\$1200 a syringe for Juvederm. We didn't chat about Botox. Are these guys doctors or carpet salesmen? This is crazy!

This situation sucks and I think it's not only stupid but short-sighted. I think also think it's as unethical as hell. Fortunately, with injectibles, you don't need to go to a surgeon and you have other choices. You can get these at "beauty spas" and in some areas, even dentists are offering them. I have to say, as far as pricing goes, "beauty spas" have it all over plastic surgeons. You get free consultations, and the price per syringe is lower than anything I was quoted on the phone and lower than average costs from internet surveys of patients.

Of course price isn't everything, but this stuff does add up, so let's be honest, it's a huge factor. Results are obviously the most important thing.

Where I Went

I decided to try a beauty spa. I found one I liked after reading a gazillion reviews on Yelp. I was nervous and not sure what I was going to get, but after all, I was going in for a free consultation and could just say no if I was uncomfortable. Price wasn't the only factor: the place I went to didn't have the lowest prices, but I thought they had the best combination of qualities and the prices were decent.

I was pretty impressed with the woman who ended up doing the injections. I asked her lots of questions, not only about the procedure but about her background. She was very open and forthcoming. She is a physicians assistant, with a wide range of experience in other aspects of medicine. She had been doing cosmetic injections for about six years. She spent a lot of time with me, probably much more than a plastic surgeon would have. She listened to what I wanted to be changed and I was really impressed at her suggestions for how to achieve it. I thought she had a great grasp of how to shape a face and she also told me she used injections herself, which I liked. She also recommended starting slow, with small changes, and adding to it monthly (if needed), until I got the effect I wanted. She cautioned me that this first change would not be dramatic.

I went with the low-cost options of Restylane (around $500 a syringe) and Dysport (on sale for $4.00 a syringe). The total cost for the procedure was $1,800 US. I am pleased with the results. They are not dramatic, but they are in the right direction. I will definitely be going back in a few weeks to add more volume.

There hasn't been enough time for the Dysport to fully take effect, but it's already looking much better. I told her I didn't want to lose my facial expressions, so she planned the Dysport injections carefully with that in mind. So far, it looks like she has done a great job.

Did it hurt?

Obviously it is going to hurt. They are sticking a needle into your face, which is one of the most nerve-rich places on your body. But I will say it did not hurt that much. There is a numbing agent included in the injectables, which helps. For the injections into the lips, she applied a numbing paste 30-minutes before she injected my lips.

How was it after?

It hasn't been bad. My lips were pretty swollen for a couple of days and slightly bruised at the injection sites. That's mostly gone now. I don't notice any other pain or swelling. I had no bruising.

My injector gave me her email and cell phone and told me to call if there were any questions or problems. She emailed me before and after photos and checked up on me. She was great and incredibly professional.

Caveats and Criticisms

I had a great experience at this place and with my injector and will be going back for more.

I do want to caution you about a few things. Most of the things I read from doctors and others about injections all cautioned that you should avoid alcohol for two-weeks before, and several days after your injection. They also recommended avoiding anything that can increase bleeding, such as aspirin, for three days or so before and a couple of days after. Finally, they all recommend avoiding exercise for 24 hours or so after your injections.

I did all of this and in fact didn't even call to make appointments until I was sufficiently "purified" that I felt safe. I was a little surprised that no one, not even my otherwise really professional injector, mentioned any of this to me. I think you would be more likely to receive this kind of information from a plastic surgeon's office, so when you go to one of these spas you're more on your own in this area.

I also learned that my injector is "freelance". She works for different places and isn't a permanent employee of the spa. That's not a problem especially since  she's happy to come back and work with me again. Now that I have met someone I like, I can maintain the relationship.  The problem with this for you might be that I was just incredibly lucky and you might not be. Maybe if I had gone on another day, I would not have been so fortunate with the freelancer that day. So my advice to you is the same whether you go to a beauty spa or a doctor's office: If you are uncomfortable or unhappy with the person offering the services, then just say no.

What's Next?

I want to get more injections. They also talked to me about this thing called "threaded facelifts". I went back today and talked to the "threaded-facelift guy" (not his real name, so don't try to look him up in your phonebook). It sounds pretty interesting and I almost had it done. But if I had it would have kept me from doing Pammy stuff for a couple of weeks, and I'm expecting my Dom to return soon. Summers are often a time when I can see her more, so the last thing I want to do is get in the way of that!

So I'm interested and will probably do it, but not until the end of September. Stay tuned, I'll let you all know how it works out.

If you've had similar experiences, or have thoughts you'd like to share, feel free to