Jewelry: Wearing and Shopping!

One of the nicest things you can do for your look is accessorize, and one of the best accessories is jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments. They can really add some bang and sparkle to your look. No sissy should be without. And I know our Dom will love it when you do it, which is always the best reason to do anything.

Jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, most of the nicest things I have I bought for under $5.00! Sometimes way under. As far as appearance goes, costume jewelry has come a long way. The downside is that the cheap costume jewelry is not that durable. There can be problem with jewels falling off, clasps breaking and backs not fitting. But for a typical price of around $3.00 or less, it's a great deal. Not all the items have these problems, of course. But if you're like me and follow the cheap costume jewelry route, you need to be prepared for this.

Practical Issues

As always, there are some practicalities that must be dealt with. Chances are, you don't have pierced ears. That's a shame because if you did you would have a much better selection of earrings and it's just ever so much more fun. Plus you have a constant reminder of your role with our Dom since you have to wear studs for a year or so after having your ears pierced. My advice is to bite the bullet and get your ears done.

If you can't do this, then you are stuck with clip-ons. My own experience with clip-on earrings was not great. First of all, the selection is much more limited. You can buy "converters", that will turn an earring designed for a pierced ear into a clip-on. I had mixed success with these, but it's better than nothing.

The worst thing about clip-ons is that, especially with cheap costume jewelry, the clasp is the most neglected part of the piece! They often do not hold well, and worse, they frequently break. If you have a clip-on that doesn't really 'clip' well, a dab of eyelash glue can help a lot. I never found a good solution for broken clasps or a way to repair them. (If you know one, please write me and I'll put it here). Once you accept these issues, with a bit of work, you can find some nice pieces.

If you have pierced ears, the bad news here is that the backings are also very neglected. They often fall off and the earrings don't stay on. However, there is a great solution for this (see the "Essentials for Sissies" section).

As with all things, size can be a problem. I haven't found it to be an issue with necklaces, but for bracelets and chokers, it can be a serious problem. But there are solutions for this, as you will see in the next section.

Essentials for Sissies

99% of issues you might have with Jewelry can be solved with the following few items:

Lash glue (if you use clip-ons). A dab of this can help them stay much better. I've been told this is a common trick with ballroom dancers.

Clip-on Converters: These work OK, not amazing. If you do see an earring you crave, but can't wear because you don't have piercings, this is really your only option.

LOX Mega-grip earring backs: These things are amazing. They really work, your earrings never come off! Each package has 4 backs, and if you are careful, you can just move them from earring to earring. I love them.

Chain Extenders: Chances are you will need these. These are chains with clasps on either end that you can connect to existing chains. I love wearing chokers (and they hide that manly Adam's apple that is such an embarrassment) and also bracelets. Both of these items attach with chains, and for me at least, the chains are always too short. I bought these from Amazon and they work well, although one chain snapped in the middle after wearing it a lot. I originally had a link to the place I bought mine from, but they have disappeared from Amazon. But there are many vendors who offer these. Another alternative is to roll your own. See my article on Jewelry Repair for more information.

These few items will solve 99% of the issues you have with jewelry not fitting or not working. A few others can be solved by being clever. For example, I have a "heart" choker that is made by two pieces of faux-leather attached to each other a steel heart. It's beautiful, but it didn't fit and it had a snap, not a chain. To wear it, I created my own 'fastener" out of two large safety-pins. It worked well. So don't despair! If you have a piece you love, you can probably find a way to make it work.

Some other advice

There is some advice about jewelry in the Fashion Hacks page. Here's my hack for putting on a bracelet by yourself. And Dom de Luxury has some great advice for selecting the right necklace to go with your outfit.

Where to Shop.

I haven't had good luck with Amazon in the Jewelry department. I have a few nice pieces, but for the most part, I have found local merchants to be the way to go. In my area, there are many, mostly they are run by Indians. They have a huge selection and are very inexpensive. So check your local stores. If you can't find one, then the store I usually shop at will ship to you and has a web page: Ear Rings Plaza, NYC They also have other nice things, like a beautiful selection of scarves.

There are other stores, but I haven't checked them out. I plan on doing this, and if I find some good ones that also have a web store, I will update this article.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this has been helpful. I'm always happy to get good suggestions and nice comments. If you have some, feel free to