Make Your Own Hip Pads

I've been losing weight (thanks for noticing, those of you who have), which has its good side but also has a bad side. I am dying to wear some outfits without a corset - swimsuits and things with a bare midriff. Thanks to the weight loss, that's starting to look possible in the near future. I already tried one and it was fun (see the Bad School Girl in the gallery) if not really what I want the look to be just yet. While this is great, there is a downside: At one point I hit a sort of sweet-spot where, with the help of a corset, my figure looked reasonably womanly. Unfortunately, as I lose weight, I am starting to look more like a tomboy than the gorgeous, seductive bimbo Dom wants me to be. For a shapeshifter with ambitions of Bimbo-hood, that's not good. So this week I decided to do something about it and made my own hip pads. They turned out so well (they are "Dom de Luxury approved", which is the only thing that matters), I thought I would share it with you. (The photos of this session should be along in a few days: Look for "Noir Bimbo")

You Don't Have to Make Your Own

You can buy hip pads. In my opinion, these fall into two broad categories:

  1. Those that are (arguably) too expensive.
  2. Those that don't work.

I want to say this is based on reading and looking at photos and videos. I have never actually tried any of them out. If someone out there wants to send me some, I will happily try them out and give an honest report. Until then, this is my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Doing a search for "hip pads" or "butt pads" on will turn up an extensive listing of (in my opinion) unimpressive products. These are made with women in mind. (Apparently, there are a lot of woman out there who feel they need some help in the hip/butt department) These products might also work for gender fluid boys. Neither I nor Dom de Luxury is a fan of giant butts, but if that's to your taste, one of these will probably suit you. On the other hand, the hip enhancements simply don't look realistic to me. Most of these are basically panties with attached padding (or pockets for same). There is no way these things are going to create the deliciously curved lines of a real woman on our boy bodies. To work well, the shaping needs to extend down the leg and above the waist area as well.

I didn't do an extensive search, but it seems the big players here are RealGurl and DressTech. RealGurl is the company that makes the truly incredible RealBreasts (I wrote about those here) and I was not surprised to see that their hip padding solution both looks amazing and is crazy expensive. These are more than pads - they are actually silicone "shorts" that you wear well, like shorts. Because of this they also function like a gaff and for an extra $100 USD you can get one with a labia. The picture of Raja on their homepage is incredibly impressive, as it should be for something that starts at $1300 USD, and could go as high as $1800 depending on the options you choose. Before I plunk down my coin for this baby, I would like to hear reports about how it survives in the real world, as silicon can be quite fragile. I would consider a GurlShirt (which I crave, I admit) before I go for their GurlShorts. Even though the GurlShirt starts at $1500, I think it is more likely to last.

DressTech markets their own line of both foam and silicon hip pads. The silicon pads look good to me and they have a mesh reinforcement which makes me feel they will hold up better than the RealGurl Gurlshorts would. They are also a lot cheaper: depending on the size, you will pay between $200 -- $350 for these. The foam pads are not as impressive and I'm sorry, but $110 for foam? Seriously? Not going to pay that. You go ahead if you want to, but that's not ever going to be on my shopping list.

So if you want to get an out of the box solution, just based on what I see, I would recommend the DressTech silicon pads. Silicon also has a realistic 'fleshy' feel to it, so if you want potential gropers to feel like they just grabbed real flesh on the dance floor, these (or the GurlShorts) are your only solution at the moment.

Rolling Your Own Hip Pads

The advantage of doing your own hip pads is cost. I spent $14 on mine, with an additional one time cost of $18 for an electric carving knife which greatly speeds up the process. Having an interest in sculpture, I also enjoyed the process. However, even if you don't have an art background, I am quite sure you will be able to get something satisfactory if you try this. With the assistance of an electric knife, it will take you an hour or less from start to finish. With scissors or a carving knife, it will take you several hours.

What you need:

  1. Two pieces of high density craft foam, at least two inches thick and at least 18 x 18 inches.
  2. Plastic wrap ("cling film") - the sort of thing you use to wrap food for the refrigerator.
  3. Scissors
  4. Sharpie or magic marker.
  5. Electric Carving Knife or other cutting tool.

I got my foam from Walmart for $7/each (including shipping costs). You do want high-density foam, so it doesn't compress down to nothing when you put tights or pantyhose over it. You can use a sharp craft knife or scissors to cut the foam, but beware that it is much, MUCH more difficult.

The ending thickness will be less than 2 inches, perhaps 1-1.5 inches thick. This might not seem like much, but remember there are two pads, one on each side. The waist is an oval, so you are increasing the length of the major axis OMG MATH by around 2-3 inches (because 2 pads, one on each side), and the minor axis similarly. Then, you know, average and use P=2Πr OMG MATH DONE!. So that's a lot, in other words.

Creating the Pattern

You can measure yourself with a tape measure and create a pattern from that, but the best idea I've seen is to create the model directly on yourself using plastic wrap. To do this, place your Sharpie and scissors near you (as you won't be able to walk soon), stand with only some underwear on and your legs next to each other and wrap many, MANY layers of plastic wrap tightly around yourself. If you're claustrophobic, this might bother you, but I actually enjoyed this step. (Great, just what I need: another fetish!) You want it to be reasonably thick, at least 1/8 inch and it should extend from just above the knee to your waist. Now:

  1. Now take a sharpie in your dominant hand, and draw a line starting just above your 'crack' along the top of your butt, around your side and stopping in front above your leg.
  2. draw a line about 1/4th-1/3rd of the leg width in from the outside of your leg, starting just above the knee and intersecting the line you just drew.
  3. Starting at the end of the line above your 'crack', draw a line down along it, then to the outside of your butt cheek, outlining your butt cheek on three sides (top, middle and bottom).
  4. From the bottom end of your butt cheek, extend the line down to your knee on the back of your leg, and connect with the line on the front of your knee.

This creates the basic pattern. This is the most important step, so don't be afraid to repeat it with fresh plastic wrap if you don't think you got a good one. Once you are done, take the scissors and cut down the front (not inside the pattern lines!) to get out of the plastic. You only need one leg.

Cut the excess plastic away from the pattern, and you should be left with a nice pattern/model for your new hip pads! I transferred mine to a piece of cardboard (I used the shipping box from my foam order). You don't have to do this, but it will last longer and you can cut more hip pads from this pattern once it's done, without having to go through this step. Here's a picture of the plastic pattern (cutout) on the cardboard before I transferred it:

Carboard pattern

Transfer to Foam and Cut

Once you've gotten the final cardboard pattern cut out, you are ready for the foam. Just place the cardboard pattern on the foam, and trace around it with the Sharpie. Then flip the pattern over and do the same thing on the second foam piece (or the same one, if you have a huge honking piece of foam). Flipping the foam gives you the mirror image of the leg, which will fit your opposite leg. If you don't do this flip, you will end up with two pads for one leg.

Now draw lines which bisect the two large areas as shown below:

Two bisecting lines

Where these lines intersect will be, approximately, where your 'boy pocket' is. This important point is the highest point of your pad. The rest of the pad slants down from this point to all the edges of the pad, which should be as thin as possible. The thinner the edge, the better it will blend with your body without any weird lines.

Take your cutting tool and start cutting. And this is a place for a warning:


Be careful! No matter what you use, be careful not to cut yourself. If you are using the electric carving knife, be ESPECIALLY CAREFUL! It is scary-easy to lose track of where the end of the knife is inside the foam and have it exit the foam right where your free hand is holding it, where it would proceed to cut right through skin, muscle and other important and necessary things. I recommend always keeping your free hand BEHIND the blade. You have been warned!

OK, now that you are cutting away carefully, I suggest starting at the edges and cutting gradually away as you see here:

Partially cut foam with knife.

Continue cutting and sculpting until you are done. And when you are done, they should look something like this:

Final hip pads.

Wearing the Pads

To wear foam pads, you need to cover them with several layers of pantyhose or tights. I used tights and managed with only two. With pantyhose, you may need as many as five or six. You can use both flesh-toned tights or pantyhose and finish by covering those with fishnets or other stockings. I recommend against using tights or pantyhose with a built-in girdle, as those simply compress the foam in the wrong places and make a weird dent. Not cute.

Put on the stockings, and then pull them up over the hip pads. Look in the mirror and position them so they look best. Enjoy your new hourglass figure!

Thanks for reading!

I hope this has been helpful. I'm always happy to get good suggestions and nice comments. If you have some, feel free to