Changing Back

When you are done with your session with Dom de Luxury, or your evening event, or your fetish ball, you need to change back. There are going to be some emotions involved in this that might surprise you. After a session, Dom de Luxury prefers me to sleep without changing and wake up as a woman. You do not wake up to your normal orientation. You wake up in a new body and with a new point of view. Not only are you reminded of your session from the day before, but also of your new and changing self.

When I awake, I still run to the mirror. I try to see the man in that strange and beautiful woman looking back at me. I can't find him and do not want her to leave. In my first transformations, it was painful to wash off the make-up and take off the clothes. I would delay as long as I could before I finally forced myself to return to my ordinary male existence. Once I changed back, sadness and longing overwhelmed me.

This has changed over time, as Pammy has become more and more who I am. It is less painful to change back now. Waking up as a woman not only reinforces who I am becoming, it reminds me of the bond I have with my Dom. The emotions now are not as painful as they once were but more positive and much more intense. Now I am always a little bit of Pammy. I think this experience must be very common among we gender fluid folk. It's something we all have to deal with. I am so grateful that Dom de Luxury encouraged me to experience this. I am sure it has had a lot to do with my rapid progress in a positive direction away from my masculine self.

While that's all part of it, you might be reading this just to learn about how to take off your makeup. Let's get to it.

One of the big money makers for cosmetic companies is cosmetic removal products. Let's try to avoid helping them out here. I have found the best way to remove make-up is as follows:

  • What you will need:
  • Ponds Cold Cream
  • Makeup Wipes (Ponds makes good ones also.)

First, gently pull off all the hardware. Remove your false lashes by gently pulling on them, and save them to use again another time. Pull off the facelift tapes and any face jewels you may have decided to glue on to your face.

Now take a big gob of the cold cream, and rub it on your face. Massage it in gently. Ponds removes pretty much everything from waterproof mascara to lipstick, and it is not harsh or drying. Once you are done with that, you can jump in the shower and remove the remaining traces of Elmer's glue and any silicon adhesive you might have used. (If you get silicon adhesive in your hair, you will need to use something like Supersolve from Telesis to remove that.)

I find there are usually some stubborn areas of makeup, usually just under the eye and along the waterline, that only respond to some serious scrubbing with a makeup wipe. In fact, if you have put a ton of makeup along your waterline (something I dearly love to do), you may find makeup seeping out of there throughout the day.

Now that you are done, moisturize your face, and go about your life. No matter how sad you might feel at changing back, just remember that things are changing inside you all the time. Try viewing your masculine self as the blank canvas that Dom de Luxury will transform into the woman she wants you to become.