Silicon Breast Forms Part 4:
Living with Aphrodite Breast Forms

This whole breast form series started with me trying to find new, improved breasts. A lot of you have noticed my breasts look a lot better lately, and have written asking which ones I bought. Here's the answer, in the form of a review and with some tips thrown in, just in case you get the same kind I did.

I bought the "Aphrodite" breast forms from Divine. I have to say: What an upgrade! If you are used to what I called "cheap Chinese Crap" in part 1 or some other version of the "silicon balloon" breast forms, these will blow you away. The shaping is incredibly more realistic and the ability to glue them to your body opens up so many new fashion styles. I am very pleased with them and Dom de Luxury is also. We are both impressed by the extra realism these lend to transformations. The nipples are beautiful, just so realistic and gorgeous and the shape of the breast is lovingly crafted. The breast forms come in a beautiful box with really great inserts for keeping your breast forms looking amazing. There are also some 'extras' included, like Skin Tac wipes, some cleaner and an antiperspirant.

Divine has also been really great about post-purchase support, which they handle (very discreetly) via Facebook. They answer very quickly and very helpfully. I also want to give a shout-out to The Glamour Boutique which is where I made my purchase. Not only did they have the best price (by quite a lot), they have been very good and helpful in general. It's always a worry with these places which often do not treat their clientele very well. The people at Glamour Boutique are really great and really decent. If you decide to buy something, I really recommend them. Tell them Pammy DeLux sent you.

A few Tips


With the silicon balloon breasts, I never found gluing a viable option, so I was stuck with wherever the pocket-bra designer decided breasts belonged. With these breasts, you can put them anywhere. Decisions, decisions, right? If you do any drawing, you have probably noticed that beginning artists tend to draw woman's breasts way too high on their bodies. From pictures I've seen of how gender-fluid men place breasts (found browsing around the net), this tendency seems to carry over to attaching breast forms as well. Aphrodite breast forms adhere surprisingly well, at least for a few minutes, with no glue. This allows you to experiment with positions and when you find one you like, use a makeup pencil to mark where you want them to go. I like to angle the outside of the breast form slightly upwards, towards my armpit. The 'nipple line' should be below your armpit, but perhaps slightly higher than your 'natural' nipple position. Get many different views, front and sideways, as well as with your arms raised and lowered in both side and front views. The breasts should look natural in all these positions. Don't freak out! Nature has provided ample variation in real breast placements, so there is not just 'one' right position. As long as you are in the ball-park, you will be fine.

Glue and Bras

Don't even try to use these with your old pocket-bras. Get new ones, or use glue. Or a combination. If you are going to glue, Divine recommends Hollister 7730. I suspect other silicon adhesives would also work, but I haven't tried these yet. The only one tested by Divine is the Hollister (no longer true: See postscript from Divine at the end). I have had good success using the Hollister, but I do have some reservations. It's a "spray", but the can produces a narrow, focused stream rather than a "spray". This makes my dream of a nice, thin even coating of adhesive across the back of the breast form, so far, unattainable. I have found that I tended to use too much, and it tends to 'pool'. My efforts to spread these 'pools' out was not very successful. This doesn't seem to affect the attachment, which was very strong, but it does affect my pocketbook. However, I have improved with practice. All silicon adhesives are expensive and Hollister is no exception. I have found good prices for it on eBay (around $19 a can).

Method for Attachment

I now have a better method for attaching Aphrodite breast forms, which you can read here. I'm leaving this material here because some people might prefer this method.

Divine gives a method for attachment inside their box-top, but I must confess I don't follow it. They suggest you lie down for 30 minutes after attaching the forms. I do not, ever, have time for that. Instead, I use a very tight-fitting bra. It looks like crap, but I never wear it except for attaching the breast forms. Here is my modified system, which has worked great so far:

  1. Shave your breast area (if necessary). I recommend doing this the night before.
  2. Put the bra on, but leave it around your waist
  3. Position the breasts the way you like them on your body.
  4. Mark lightly along the top of the breast, so you can put it back where you want it after applying the adhesive.
  5. Remove the breast, then use the Hollister spray to put as thin a film as possible on the back of the breast form. I have found that leaving the bottom 'uncoated' provides a more realistic 'jiggle' to the form.
  6. Set a timer for 5-minutes.
  7. Clean the area where the form will be attached with alcohol.
  8. Use an antiperspirant liquid (not cream) over the area to prevent it from sweating.
  9. When the timer goes off, take two Skin Tac wipes, and rub one over each breast.
  10. Wait about 30 seconds, then position the first breast. Do it carefully, as the edges can 'fold up' and that won't make it look very realistic. Try to get them as flat and smooth as possible against your skin.
  11. Do the same with the second breast, then pull the bra up and over the breasts, holding them tightly to your skin. You might want to press a few times more against your breast.

This has worked very well for me, with no failures, where a failure is defined as a breast actually falling off. I leave this bra on while I finish my makeup and other stuff, usually about an hour or so. When I'm ready to put on the real bra or dress, I just take the 'adhesive' bra off and put it in the Aphrodite box for next time.

Removal and Cleaning

To remove the breast forms, I initially tried the Hollister remover. I didn't have a good experience with this stuff. It does help you get the breast forms off, but I found it completely ineffective for removing the glue from the forms or my skin. After much experimentation, I have found that "Goo Gone" works like a charm. This is an inexpensive product (around $8.00) easily available in any hardware store. However, Goo Gone comes in a variety of formulations, so be careful when you purchase it. Some of these are designed to dissolve silicon, which is not what you want. I use the 'original formula, gel' which comes in a spray dispenser. I use it both on the forms and my body and have had no ill-effects on either. I do recommend that you test it on your skin first, as you might be sensitive to it. I didn't ask Divine about this. I am quite sure they would be perfectly horrified to learn I was doing this (See comments from Divine on this at the end). But until I discovered Goo Gone, there were layers of adhesive building up on my breast forms and it took me days to get the adhesive off my chest. Not pleasant.

For cleaning the forms, once you run out of the soap that comes with the forms, I find a mild dishwashing detergent to be perfectly fine. Let them air dry and then store them in their box.

How Realistic Are They?

While these breast forms are an amazing upgrade and I can not praise Divine enough for the care they make them with, you are not going to get 100% realism. The shape and nipple are amazing, but the color of the forms is limited and even with a lot of care, the edge does show and makes the breast look a bit 'attached'. Being careful when you put the forms on, and also using some makeup along the edge of the forms and on the tops (if you are showing cleavage), can help a lot, but I, at least, have not achieved perfect realism. Divine recommends using blush, but I have found that a dark contour or bronzer, ala Amanda Lepore, suits me best. Divine recommends using makeup remover to get the makeup off the form, and I find that works perfectly.

Should You Buy These?

Should you buy these? I can only say that I have been more than happy with them. They are expensive, but they were worth every penny. You do need to be realistic about what you are getting, but these are definitely a major improvement over any other breast form I have tried. One piece of good news is that they are going to start including more shades, similar to what "RealBreast" does. I asked about Air Brushing, and they said they have no current plans for that. I hope that, if they do add an airbrush option, that would be available to people like me who already own their forms. If you are thinking of making a purchase, you might want to wait a bit to see if the new shades suit your skin-tone better.

Postscript: Divine Comments

Divine Collection, the manufacturer of the Aphrodite Breast Forms sent the following (very interesting) comments on this article.

In terms of Hollister, it is definitely pretty chunky... kind of gross, actually! What I find works really well is spraying a puddle of it in the middle of the breast form, and then pouring some rubbing alcohol on top. Then you can use your fingers to break down the chunks and spread it all over the back of the breast forms, right to the edges, and let the rubbing alcohol evaporate.

Another customer told me that they're spraying Hollister into an airtight container, letting it sit for about 10 seconds, and then wiping it up with a Skin Tac wipe to spread it (and the Skin Tac Wipe) on to the edges of the breast forms to get a better hold with less mess. That's definitely an option, too!

We haven't fully tested Goo Gone on our forms, although we do actually have some in the studio! We'll have to experiment a little further, but I don't think it should cause any problems with the forms (but can't guarantee that yet!). We do try to do some pretty intense adhesive testing before we recommend anything, and we recently confirmed that the Secure Silicone Adhesive from Factor 2 (B-400) can work with our new formula of Aphrodites, too.

Good for you for mastering the contour powder to blend the edges! Not many girls are comfortable enough with makeup to do it, but it definitely creates that wow look!

Thanks for reading!

I hope this series has been helpful. I'm always happy to get good suggestions and nice comments. Feel free to