Silicon Breast Forms Part 2: Current Breast Forms

Looking at today's breast form market, there have been some interesting developments since the last time I was in the market. On the top end, there are a couple of very interesting (and expensive) new products. The lower/middle end of the market is pretty much the same, with dozens of products and no real product leader or manufacturer. And finally, there is the Cheap Chinese Crap line of breast forms. Since I'm looking for an upgrade, I'll start with the top of the line and move on down.

High End Breast Forms

Real Breast

These are by the Real Gurl company (Real Gurl Website). This is an interesting company. It was founded by the same person who started the Real Doll company, which creates incredibly life like full-sized female sex dolls. Those have been the subject of movies and documentaries. Very interesting.

Real Gurl applies the lessons and experiences from their Real Doll work to make products for gender fluid and transgender people, and the results are spectacular. When properly applied, these breast forms really seem to me to be indistinguishable from actual breasts. They are made to order using the same prosthetic techniques they use for Hollywood special effects movies and have very realistic looking flesh. You can purchase a skin tone kit to more closely identify your skin tone, and they also offer an airbrush option, which adds veins, moles and freckles. Your choice. Take a look at the gallery on their website and prepare to be impressed. I've also scanned the web for reviews, and I have not found a single person who challenged the realism claim.

One of the great things about this product is that they use a new kind of silicon which does not need the "plastic bag" found on traditional breast forms. It is matte and is said to have an extremely realistic feel to the touch. Not only does this look better, it also eliminates the biggest single point of failure in breast forms, which is the bag. Another innovation is what they call the "vanishing edge". This is an extremely thin edge to the breast form, which makes it harder to spot where your skin ends and the breast form begins. This is somewhat fragile, so care must be exercised. They have a thicker, more durable edged model if you are concerned about the fragility of the thin edge.

As you can imagine, all this comes at a price. The forms start at $750. They come in three sizes, with the fourth (largest size) costing $850. The airbrushing option costs $150, and the tone kit costs $50. So you could spend over $1,000 on these.

The shape is asymmetrical, having a realistic "droop" to it, and with a concave back.

At these prices, you have to ask if it is worth it. The comment most frequently made by people who own these forms is how long it takes to put them on. To achieve the seamless look takes some practice and time, around 30 minutes or so. It takes the same amount of time to remove them. If you are always going to put on clothes and a bra, these would probably be a total waste of money. If you wear low cut gowns, bathing suits or go naked, then you might want to consider these.

While I'm blown away by these, and am rooting for a Chinese version that really works, I'm not sure they are worth the price to me. Add to that the fact the sizing charts say that even the largest size will only give me an appearance of a D+ cup makes me even more reluctant to invest. But this is a fantastically innovative product, and I'm hoping this will spur more competition and improvement in other companies. Because these are custom made and also because these have a self-adhesive backing, if you order them you are stuck, there are no returns. That makes it even harder for me to consider one.

Aphrodite Breast Forms

These are made by a Canadian company "Divine Collections". These would seem to be the closest competitor to the Real Breast product. They use similar silicon, so these have all the same advantages of a matte finish and a more durable product with no bag. They are realistic looking, but only a close second to the Real Breast. They have a similar self-adhesive backing. There is no custom toning or airbrushing available. The shape is asymmetrical, with a contoured rather than a concave back.

At half (or less than half) of the cost of the Real Breast, but with similar silicon and realism, these are much more appealing. Due to the self-adhesive backing, you would not be able to return this product. Looking at the various photos and pictures which are available, these do not blend as well with the skin as the Real Breast, but a bit of makeup can improve that. And they are certainly superior to the vast majority of lower end "pink" breast forms.

Pricing for these starts at $479 and seems to go up by $25 for each bump in size. Considering the advantages (durability, coloring and price), I suspect that these will be strong competitors to the Real Breast. I'm certainly considering them.

Amolux Diamond

These are made by the very famous manufacturer Amoena. They've been in the breast form business for a long time and are highly regarded. These use high-quality German silicon and while they do have the traditional 'bag', the finish looks very matte, so it's more realistic than you might think. The back is concave and because these are self-adhesive, you can't return them. In the largest size available, these will only give a 44 band size a D+ cup look, so for me that's a deal breaker. If you have a smaller band size or don't want that large of a cup, they are worth considering. It looks like all of the Amolux products come with detachable nipples, so you can change the color or shape. This might be a selling point for some people, but to me it seems a little weird, as well as a potential point of structural weakness in the design.

Typical prices are around $300 (for small size 4) to $350 for the largest size.

While I think this is a good product, I'm reluctant to purchase. I am not crazy about the Diamond shape, although it obviously appeals to many people. I guess I would just have to say I'm not feeling it, but it might appeal to you.

Middle to Low End Breast Forms

In this category there are dozens of products available. Typical prices are from $200-$300. All of them are the "silicon in a plastic bag" design. Having read dozens of descriptions and reviews, I can't really identify any market leaders here. If there are any sellers/manufacturers reading this, if you want to send me a 'loaner breast' for review, I'm happy to offer my honest opinion of it. Without that, all I can offer are some general suggestions.

The most important things to watch out for are the thickness of the bag and the color of the silicon. You want as natural a look to the coloring as you can get. As for the thickness of the bag, I recommend "reading between the lines" and exercising a buyer beware philosophy. For example, one website touts the Gold Seal brand of breast forms, claiming that they have a thick and durable bag. Reading further, we discover that not using "the correct adhesive" will void your warranty. That's a red flag right there, particularly when we discover that the "correct adhesives" can't possibly hold the heavier breast forms up without a bra. Even if you are not interested in going bra-less, that should make you question how sturdy the plastic container is. A few seconds on Google reveals many disappointed purchasers of Gold Seal breast forms due to split seams and broken bags.

Finally, do check the return policies. Most stores will accept returns (within 10 days or so) but only if you haven't used any adhesives on the form. It's also not a bad idea to Google the specific store to see if people have had return issues.

Cheap Chinese Crap (CCC)

My own breast forms (which I have been reasonably happy with until now), fall into this category. There's nothing wrong with buying these, as long as you know what you are getting. I've been very happy with them for the most part, and they look quite realistic in a bra and the right clothing. So please don't feel that you have to pony up hundreds and hundreds of dollars for your first set of breast forms.

I have noticed that most stores that cater to gender fluids and transgenders also have their own line of breast forms. Some with their own brand names. Many of these same stores say they aren't made in China. Let's just say I'm skeptical of that claim. The most you should pay for CCC (cheap Chinese crap) is around $100 for the larger sizes (44DD). Smaller sizes should be $50 or less. The baggies will be extremely thin and flimsy, and require care. Even if the places you purchase these from tell you they can be used with adhesive, just don't do it. Especially the larger forms are heavy, and will just fall off from their own weight. Dead give aways for CCC breast forms are thin, flimsy baggies and very pink silicon. Another one is the box: All of the better breast forms come with good storage boxes with shaped holders for the forms. CCC crap comes in white cardboard with a sheet of Styrofoam wrapped around it. That's how mine came.

Because of the attention the Real Breast and Aphrodite breast forms have gained, there are now cheap versions of these coming from China. From everything I have read, these are not even close to the originals, at least not yet. Unfortunately, I've seen lots of ads for 'Cheap Real Breast" and "Cheap Aphrodite" forms. If you want to try these, go for it, but you won't be getting close to the real thing. The worst thing I have seen are websites claiming to sell "Factory Seconds". I've contacted Real Breast and Divine. Real Breast never has factory seconds. Divine will occasionally have them, but they are sold only via The Breast Form Store. Anything else claiming are total fakes and rip-offs.

Hope this was helpful!

That's it for the breast form review. Part three will talk about how to fix rips and tears in breast forms. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or comments, or just want to say something nice, feel free to